Kids are f****** annoying

I confess that I f****** despise children from ages 0-13ish. 0-3 is cry, s***, cry, s***, 4-7 is running their mouth about s*** you don't care about, and 8-10 is just nags and annoying in general, 11-13 is cringe fortnite dancing. And then there's 14-16 where they actually start becoming people and past that they're just smaller adults. But I can't tell you how many times I've been in the theatre or at a restaurant and the f****** crying festival starts. Oh joy, just what I want, to be dressed in a suit drinking 80 dollar wine at the fanciest restaurant in town with my wife and suddenly the g******* little f***** starts crying, and the mom goes through that whole song and dance of that stupid baby talk that's like an octave above her normal speaking voice talking like a retarded monkey and then she goes outside with the kid until it stops. Like I just feel bad for her but not really, because right, lady there's nothing on the menu less than 20 dollars and you couldn't hire a teenage girl to take care of your baby for like two hours? What's up with that? And then you have the ones that don't cry and s*** but they do wear their f****** green and blue dinosaur t shirts, like EVERY ONE OF THEm has the same g****** shirt! You've seen it, I've seen it, the green shirt with the blue dinosaurs on it! Everyone's seen it because they all look the same. They look like you took an overweight person, shaved their heads completely bald made their eyes bigger than a f****** anime girl's eyes and shot them with a shrink ray. And you know that thing where a baby will just... look at you... and they don't stop... and you look at them... and it keeps f****** going... and they won't stop... WHAT THE F*** IS UP WITH BABIES MAN? Like what the actual f*** do babies do except puke and cry and s*** and p*** and scream for their, well in Spanish it's chupete, that thing they suck on but I don't know what Americans call it.

Sep 8, 2020

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  • OP is a f****** r*****.

  • Not all kids are like that though yes they are some crying babies and some calm so cringey teens that only like fortnite and the same music and some who listen to oldies like 50s through 90s music and have a variety of games, yes some kids are repetitive and only like one thing because its popular then you have me who doesn't give a damn whether its popular basically all kids have their own personality some traits yes and some no it all depends in the parents how the kids act ,not the kid

  • NOt AlL kIdS, hurrrrrrr

    The fact that you felt the need to defend those sociopathic little disease vectors, plus your lack of basic sentence structure, tells me you're one of those idiot breeders that the OP rightfully called out. How many useless crotch goblins have you spit out? 3? 4? More? Fucktards like you always breed like flies, and that's why we're a nation of stupid wastes of skin now.

    See a kid = punt a kid

  • Like kids who are brats cause of their parents

  • You were once a child yourself. You didn't arrive into this as an adult. If you did, your mother's v***** would be destroyed forever!!

  • YOu WeRe OnCe A cHiLd YoUrSeLf. Oh please. People who toss out this brainless phrase also can't stand it when other adults roll their eyes in disgust at their unregulated spawn. Then, of course, it's "Are YOU a parent?? If you're not you couldn't POSSIBLY know what this is like!!!!"
    But wait, we were all children once-- so YES, we DO know, at least from that perspective. And you don't need to squirt out DNA to know the difference between "a kid just being a kid" and a noisy filthy little hellion who's never heard the word No.
    So maybe STFU and keep your legs closed, okay pumpkin?

  • The tide is turning against people who breed and don't think. Get used to being laughed at

  • GOOD. It always seems to take forever for sensible people to gather enough steam to deal with the dug-in fucktards among us, but once that leverage is found, it doesn't end well for the fucktards.

  • I love that brainless "you were a child once" bullshit. So were you, and you too were noisy and obnoxious and messy and a total half-pint sociopath. Unless you had decent parents, you still are. Children are humans and therefore foul-natured little beasts until someone drills it into their heads to recognize that there are other humans in the world too. That much is obvious to anyone who's ever had, or ever BEEN, a little kid.

  • YES! Get f****** TOLD!!

  • I never had kids either--they're f****** annoying. I'm so glad other people are f****** stupid enough to have kids, but it's not for me.

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