I post my wife's nude pics online because....

For years I have had the fantasy of watching my wife have s** with other men. Unfortunately for me I have not been able to convince her to do it. At least not to my knowledge.
The next best thing is sharing her nude photos on line for other men to see, or sometimes even emailing some to friends of mine....or male friends of ours on the understanding that they never tell her they have seen them. I had never heard of the term for this until recently, but it is called Candaulism.
I must admit my motive for sharing her pics with friends was in the hope that one of the guys may be emboldened to try to seduce her....having seen how hot she looks under all those clothes. She does have a stunning body for her age and her 34DD b****** look amazing in lingerie and nude. Fully clothed she doesn't look like the sort of lady who would pose for naked photos....or allow me to film her using a large d****....but she does.
A number of the guys who now regularly m********* looking at her photos have expressed to me their desire to have s**, either a one off or on a regular basis, with her. I've explained to them her reluctance to sleep with other men but also told them that they have the green light from me to do anything they want with her IF they can talk her into it and IF she wants it. And that discretion is a must as far as not telling her that I have shown her nude pics and videos to the guys.

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