My Moms a S***

Growing up my mom always loved me and we were close I am 50% Pakistani an 50% Black I was an accident child. Growing up my mom always had a guy over and they used to kiss in front of me and everything I never saw anything wrong with it. But know I am 17 and she is 39 She had me when she was 21. everyone always considered her my older sister cause she looked beautiful and very young but again when I was 15 I figured out my mom was a w**** all along her life and always wanted d*** every single day she would get f***** I used to come home to her being tied up in the living room naked she is a very kinky woman she does all that rough stuff she loves to be used a week ago my mom's phone wasn't charging so she told me to take it to get it fixed and I did but when I did I saw her pictures and I found out she was f****** all my friends all my best friends I get that she is a w**** but my friend? I moved out and now live in NYC and she lives in Brooklyn and this summer I went to visit her and she was getting f***** by 30 guys she was covered in sperm completely naked and she is so filthy her massive Paki b**** and her big ass spanked so many times she had bruises and her loose p**** she was filthy but I got hard and I just came to the conclusion that my mother is a w**** and the sad part is we are Muslims and she is definitely on the wrong but I can't stop her shes addicted and I found her Instagram last week where she is nude and she has f***** all my friends and their dad and I also saw her on pornhub and the most disgusting thing was I remember when I was 13 we went to a farm and I was at the pool but at that time I didn't care where my mom was but she was getting used like trash about 20 white men and having s** raw shes such a s***.

Sep 10, 2020

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