I wear my 14 year old sisters friends panties

I wear my 14 year old sisters friends panties. We were in my room and we were telling each other stories. Then we did truth or dare. She dared me to wear her panties. So I turned around and she took hers off. Then she dared me to put them on right in front of her. So I did. I was so embarrassed. She seen my d. She had never seen a d before. She was like what is that. I said that’s my d. I said u have a v*****. She said ok. So I put them on and I said wow that feel so good. So she said u can have them. So she gave me another pair too. So I dared her to take her dress off. She said I will put your shirt on. So I gave her one of my shirts. Then she said walk around the house with my panties on. So I did. Then I dared her to show me a sneak peak of her V*****. So she raised the shirt up and flashed me. Then she said flash me your d. I said ok. Then I said take everything off and walk in my room for 2 minutes. I looked and learned. I said do u know what a lap dance is. She said no so I reached her. She gave me one. I gave her 10 bucks. I got to touch her naked body. Then I said do u know what s** is . She said yeah. I’m 20 she’s 20. So she said do u want to. I said yes. So I grabbed my dads condoms and did her. No we are a couple.

Sep 11, 2020

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  • LOL! Oh Jesus! I mean, these bulls**t pubescent sexual fantasies are usually ridiculous, but this one is borderline insane! Look, I get that you are an idiot but what kind of idiots do you take us for? The fact that you thought ANYONE would seriously believe that any 14 y/o girl would not know what a peni5 is, is so utterly ridiculous that my brain has gone numb just contemplating the massive level of ignorance required to believe such nonsense! So apparently you are not aware that a 14y/o girl (that’s 9th grade btw) would have had s** Ed of some level every year for the past FOUR YEARS! Yeah, I don’t know if you remember sometime in 4th or 5th grade they separated the boys and girls... that’s because at 10 we are within a year or less from getting our first period, and educated people understood that we should probably learn about how our bodies worked, and why we were going to bleed every month! That first year they focused on OUR bodies and what to expect, what to do etc. the second year (age 11) most of us had our period by then, so that’s when they began teaching anatomy, the difference between boys and girls, and where babies come from. (They even showed us a film of a baby being born). So while YOU may not have understood the anatomy of the opposite s** at 14, I promise you, you were alone in that ignorance! “Oh that is my p****... you have a v*****”. “oh okay” what a complete and utter tool you are! All this tells me is that you fantasize about wearing young girls undies... ever thought of just going to Walmart and buying some? Moron!

  • LOL! I thought the EXACT same thing when I read it! I literally thought “wait, at age 14 she would be in 9th grade, what high school student would not know what a D!CK is?” Then I read your comment. Not only do I remember that in elementary school, the girls were separated out during “health” class, but I remember that they got a nice bag full of (what I thought were) candy and/or toys. (In reality it was samples of tampons and pads.)
    That must have been 4th grade, so yeah if this high school student didn’t know what it was, I think he took advantage of a profoundly retarded girl!

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