My first affair and I got paid to have s**

I got invited to do research at Kieo University located outside Tokyo, Japan last year. I quickly got homesick because only a few people spoke English. It was harder than I thought to Skype or Facetime my husband due to the time zone difference and our schedules.
After a couple of weeks, I got the nerve to take a train solo into Tokyo to have sushi at a popular restaurant. I don’t want my confession to sound like I’m bragging on my appearance. I’m 26 and NOT a supermodel. I'm a plain girl with a quiet/reserved personality that doesn’t enjoy the spot light. I am 5’11”, black hair and was wearing a modest knee length dinner dress & 5 inch heels. If anyone’s visited Japan you know what I’m talking about. I felt like the tallest person in the room. I sat alone at the bar when a short older asian man (mid 50ish) came over. He was well spoken in English and invited me to join him. He was born in Japan, works for the same company for 30 years, lives in NY but travels to Tokyo for work and that’s why his English was so good. He’s in town for two weeks. He ordered a bottle of sake’ and after a few shots I was buzzed. He was complimenting me and I loved the attention. I told him I was in Japan for two months. He was direct but smooth with his approach. He asked me not to get offended then offered to pay me for s**. I was a little shocked but also curious because I’ve never been with an asian man or a guy my dad’s age. I don’t know why but I kept the conversation going. He loves tall American women with long legs. I’ve been married 2 years, never thought about cheating but for some reason, I was still interested in his offer. His hotel was close by. He was willing to pay me 3 thousand yen (around $300 US dollars) for s**. It would discrete casual safe s** and no one would have to know. If I was willing to do other things he would pay more plus a tip if the experience exceeds expectations. If we both agree, we can continue our ‘business deal’ while he’s in town. I tried not to laugh when I heard him say ‘business deal’.
At his hotel room, we took off our cloths and he licked my b****** like ice cream. His p**** was the same size as my husbands but much thinner. It took me a few minutes to get him ready then we had s**. He had amazing stamina and pounded me hard! It was totally fun! I wasn’t expecting to climax but I did and he knew it! He likes to brag on himself afterward but nothing disrespectful. I gave him compliments to feed his large ego. He gave me 4 thousand yen and I agreed to see him again.
I met him 6 more times. He’d take me to dinner and we’d go back to his room for s**. On the third time, I felt comfortable enough to have with unprotected s**. OMG he felt amazing not wearing a condom! He paid extra.
I’m not going to add the details because this is my first time confessing on this site and I’m sure the story would get censored and not published. I did some VERY freaky/crazy things with him for money. I know my husband would never try any of it! It was FUN and AMAZING! The weirdest part was after finishing inside me, he'd go down and lick me out. Whatever, he paid me well each time. It’s exciting to confess ‘I got paid for s**.’ 
Our last time together in Japan, we connected. He took me to an expensive restaurant, the waiter brought me flowers with a diamond necklace. I didn’t want the evening to end. We had passionate s**. It was so intense, I offered not to take money but he insisted. We’re friends on social media and communicate often. When I got back to the states and before the pandemic, he paid for me to come to NY and spend a week with him. I told my husband I was attending a conference. lol That’s another long confession. My husband is addicted to online gaming.

Sep 12, 2020

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  • Where are you nowadays? share the latest experience s

  • Great story! Really, top score. It's been a month, we all want to hear more from you. What did you and J do for the holidays?

  • Thanks for asking & sorry for the delay with my reply. Work has kept me busy.
    The holidays were fun. I visited my parents alone. My husband won't do anything till he get's the vaccine.
    Then I visited J for a week. Whew! that was intense. He bought me a diamond necklace and bracelet set.
    He also bought a Minnie Mouse costume for our 'fun time'.
    I put it on and poured milk over him in the bathtub.
    We had intense s** afterward.
    We tried a*** for the first time and it didn't go well. Sorry, not sharing details.
    J and I still chat and plan to meet up more in 2021.
    J is a fun guy and I enjoy every minute with him. I never thought I'd get into some of the strange stuff he asked me to try but it's fun and he's fun to be with.
    If interested, I'll add more updates if we do something different.

  • Hi, Where are you nowadays? Hope you are doing good. What are the latest experiences?Please share

  • Thanks for the kind compliments. I was hesitant to post my confession at first because I thought it get bashed pretty hard. I’m glad I did and also felt relief afterward. Before I post my update, please understand I only take J’s money because he insists. It’s part of his fetish/fantasy. I’m a scientist working on my PhD and do not need his money but he insists. I will admit, I enjoy the thrill and excitement when he pays me for s**. Finally, had a vasectomy many years prior.

    J is high risk, so in May, his company offered him a buyout and he retired. Since NY was crazy, he bought a beach condo in Clearwater. I live in the greater Orlando area so it’s an hour and a half drive for me.

    I work from home so when J moved to the area, I told my husband I was going to the office a couple of days a week. SPOILER ALERT! My husband’s gaming addiction is worse. He doesn’t care where I’m going nor asks where I’ve been.

    J and I began connecting so well he asked me to stay with him a few weeks in June. He has great internet service and a room I can use as an office. We can spend more time together and have s** when we want. He said, “That way you can be available to me anytime.” I laughed when he said that. Please don’t think he’s controlling, it’s his humorous side I REALLY like.

    I told my husband I was going to work at the CDC in Atlanta a few weeks for research but I could be gone longer. He acted excited.

  • I’m only adding details because this is anonymous. My peers would be shocked if they knew the things I love to do behind closed doors. They think I live a dull and boring life.
    J loves for me to wear nylons and give him food jobs then pour milk on him in the bath tub.
    He loves for me to dress in a cosplay school girl costume while we have s**.
    He bought me numerous custom tailored business outfits for me to wear during s**. The suits were expensive and very comfortable. However, he insisted the skirts be tailored so short, there’s no way I could wear them to work or in public. He paid for me to get a few normal suits for work.
    After s**, he counts ‘my payment’ out on my stomach.

    Please don’t think we do these kinky things all the time. It’s something we do on occasion. During my stay, we connected, took long walks on the beach, sat outside and talked. Most of the time we have normal passionate s**.

    I actually stayed with J until the first of November. When I got home, the apartment was a wreck and my husband looked like he was living under a bridge. I’m p*****!

  • I do hope you are able to give more details. Don't be shy.

  • Wow ... what a great story. Seems its in everyone's best interest ... Hope you continue to have such great experiences.

  • Honey if your hubby is happy gaming and you are happy with your sugar daddy go ahead and have fun. But do take the pill. It will be hard to explain giving birth to a Asian baby

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