Having s** with wife’s coworker

I’m in a mess. My wife’s close coworker is a gay man. They share everything. I’ve always had a man crush on him. I accepted him on Facebook and we started messaging each other. We’ll long story short, we had s**. It was the most intense and passionate s** that I have ever had. He’s very dominating. Here’s the issue. He wants s** with me all the time and if he doesn’t get it he has said he will tell my wife that he’s f****** me. It’s to the point that he doesn’t want me having s** with my wife anymore. I told him that he’s bluffing but he said he would show her a video that I didn’t know of , of us having s**. Btw we have been married 30 years. This is what happens when you let your small head do the thinking for you.

Sep 20, 2020

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  • BTW... This may be fake but this type of thing happens. Detroit suburbs... Gay man would hook up with straight h**** guys. While in the "act" together the gay guy snapped pics unbeknownst to the straight (prob married) guys. He blackmailed then for cash. Worked on a lot of guys until one was willing to take the heat and went to the police. Honestly... Be VERY careful with casual hook ups. That other person may be a psycho or criminal.

  • And hes even got a video of you. Looks like you'll be sucking his c*** forever

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