S** toys

Sometimes when my sibling isn't home I go and use/borrow their s** toys, cleaning them before and after then putting them back where I found them

Sep 22, 2020

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  • I had a*** s** with several of my friends in school and it was a huge turn on for me to take off my clothes and let my friends f*** my ass. My d*** would get so hard and I would c** like crazy getting f***** in the ass. I used all sorts of things in my ass and one of my friends had a very big d***. Long and fat with a huge head and he liked to f*** me and I liked his big d*** and it really felt good when he came in my ass.
    One summer my family had a big fishing trip planned and it was going to last for several days. Once we got to the river I went exploring and wanted to find a nice private spot to get something in my ass and j*******. Well found the spot and on the way there I found a long neck beer bottle that I washed off really good in the river. I couldn't wait to get my clothes off and squat down on the neck of that bottle to f*** my ass and j******* so I could eat my c**.
    I did that every day some times several times a day

  • When I was 13, on a beach vacation I let 3 older guy (they were 18 to 21) i met f*** me everyday for two weeks all bareback,, I was in heaven, I knew when the first c*** entered me, I was gay. It didn't even hurt, my ass accepted their c**** no problem. It felt so good their warm c** filling my ass. I also learned to swallow and gave them several blow jobs a day which I did under a blank on the beach.

    Since that vacation i have had to use mom d***** to get a*** pleasure.

    I can't suck my own sick yet, but I'm getting close. I f*** my ass and come is a cup then drink it. I want some else's c**.

    I'm 15, and being gay is dangerous in our town. I so want a real c*** in my ass, and one in my mouth again. I want to die, I can't be what I am.

    I worked up the nerve to go on dark web gay site. Two 25 year old guys want to meet for threesome on Saturday afternoon. They are turned on that I want c*** so bad. They said I'm beautiful. And want to c** inside me.

    My mom is working on Saturday, I want to meet them and feel alive again. I want them inside me.

    What should I do? I want real men inside me.

  • Most gays know early on they want c*** in them. By 7, I was touching my ass all the time in the bath. One day my finger slipped inside me and it felt great. Within a week I was experiencing with objects in me. 20 years later the bigger the object the better. I also was with multiple men by 14, still love it one right after the other. Last summer I had 10 men use me in one night. Pure heaven.

  • That's still gross. What if your sis got std 🤣

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