Hate that men have s** with women.

I'm a 24 year old bottom gay man. And I hate that straight men are wasting their precious c** in women. Women should be locked up and only used to breed more men. If I could have my way no c*** would ever enter a woman again. They would be impregnated with invetro fertization only. Their only purpose would be to be constantly pregnant to make more men.

Every straight man should only be f****** a gay man's ass or f****** his mouth.

Every drop of c** should be ours, to swallow or taken anally. Not wasted in a woman's dirty disgusting body or mouth. I wish gay me could get pregnant, so straight men would have no need for women. Once a straight guy f*** a guy man ass or gets head, he knows it will never be that good with a woman. Only a guy man can make a straight man happy and sexually fulfilled.

The natural thing is for each gay man to be f*** by 2 or 3 straight men at a time. Our body receiving all the a*** pleasure and swallowing their c**.



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  • But how do you really feel about men f****** women?

  • Dude wtf
    tone down on the sexism why don't cha?

  • What made you hate girls so much

  • Oh yea it shouldnt go in are nasty ass bodies it should get shot up a literally s*** hole full of bacteria :) sounds like a plan man

  • Baby I'd love to pump your hot ass all day and night and fill u with my hot man cream

  • People like are why abortion needs to say legal, so freaks like you can be eliminated before birth.

  • Issues!!!
    Get help quick

  • Go f*** ur self

  • Honey, as a woman, I can’t understand gay men. What a waste of c*** and c**.

    I want that in my p****

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