I stole my moms s** toys

So back in April I stole my moms realistic suction cup d****, glass d****, & lube. It’s been about 5 or 6 months of having them and not once have I been confronted by her.

When I first stole the realistic one I had it for about a week then put it back (which I’m surprised she never wondered why her 7.5inch s** toy just randomly disappeared & reappeared). So then I waited like 1/2 weeks before I did it again, I was gonna return them again but never have as I use them daily to weekly.

Some straight males this may be odd to which it’s not to me because I have no attraction towards males I just enjoy the a*** stimulation from use the toys. But when I stole her toys she was at home both times of when I did it which for me took a lot of courage.

Why I say it took a lot of courage is because I’ve been using her toys for years now I remember one day stumbling across them and trying to use 1 but couldn’t. Then finding lube the next day and using a smaller 1 which worked and had me surprised by how much I enjoyed it which became into what I do now.

But for years I always waited for my house to be ridden of anyone besides me because I took it as a time to enjoy myself and pleasure myself to the fullest, well now I just go in the shower and do it or lock my door and do it when everyone is asleep.

I have had a few close calls in the past where someone has come home and I’m somewhere on something that will f*** up my entire life but some how I’ve been blessed with not being caught once.

Sep 30, 2020

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  • Lol

  • Get you're own d**** you S T U P I D
    C U N T

  • I personally have done the same thing... Well kinda, I looked every where to see if my mom had toys and nothing, I do steal and sniff her underwear that she leaves in the bathroom after a shower. In fact as of writing this I just stole 2 pairs from the last showers she's had and am sniffing and and stroking my c***. I did this with all 3 of my sister's underwear too but one of them is older and us renting her own place now, and my younger two moved in with other family because they didn't like having to share a room together.

  • Wait! They BOTH a moved to avoid sharing a room, when only one moving would have sufficed. Did you ever stop to think that they were desperately trying to get away from their sick, twisted brother, because they knew damn well he was violating their familial trust by taking their used underwear? As a woman who has had this happen to me, I can tell you, WE KNOW! Most women are acutely aware of how we put our underwear in the hamper. If someone removes it (even if it’s put back) we notice! But we seem to be loathed to confront the person we believe did it b/c what if it was someone else? Then (in our minds) we just destroyed a family relationship. Even though the person who violated our trust, and betrayed us is truly to blame.

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