Daughters panties

Yesterday I wore a pair of my daughters thong panties to work. I did this because we were instructed to do so by a man I met online. The panties were to small for me and we very tight, but it was exciting to do.

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  • The PEDO's are replying below! It's their hiding spot, troll the heII out of them .

  • This never happened

  • I'm calling you out OP you are a man! Some guy you met online tells you to wear your daughters panties and you couldn't tell you did even when you didn't? What is he gonna jump thru the screen and check? If you met him how would he know your panties from your daughters?
    See people where i'm going The op is a guy and a sick one at that.

  • Im a loser with no life and I wear panties and collecting ssi so I literally don't have anything better to do besides go toe to toe with Mr Butt Poke

  • Who cares if you wear panties? Really is that the highlight of your life? Go wear them and enjoy. But You ain't going poke me or i'm not going to poke you. Told you I'm not into guys or panties.

  • Look I'm the one who said the OP is a guy. What is posted is gross and women are not into that shitt. Look at the other same post and people like me called him out on it. Think with you heads. You know the one above you shoulders and not between you legs. The OP is a guy. Sorry to disappoint you but that is a fact and I'm not into butt poking at all. That is an exit only period.

  • M 'head' only thinks about you Butt Poke...Bend over!

  • No thanks not into that.

  • Ok, (raises hand) I'm a panty wearing freak. I admit it, it's out in the open!

  • Add me i wearpanties 24/7

  • Knew at least one of you where panty wearing freaks.

  • I'm one too, I get off on panties and I'm a 4 year old man lol quick, say something insulting, I get off on humiliation.

  • For Gods sake, someone get the butt poke guy a Pent House Variations magazine! It's full of such articles.

  • Dude, word up! I'm 230lbs, if I put my son's jockeys on and he weighs 200lbs, his jockeys are gone be tight on me

  • How you do you know that. Wearing the daughters underwear Just because some panty wearing freak told her (him) is a mans fantasy and is gross.

  • I wanna pump some s**** into your childs (future or present) panties and put them back in her drawer so much can get off on my seed touching her, essentially m o l e s t I n g your flesh and blood lol

  • Omg why am I finding this hot you with ur hand in my little girls knickers.

  • You fuckingSICK toothless Britts are disgusting You should hang yourself.

  • Nothing nicer than little soft cotton panties caressing your hand while you feel a kidspussy

  • Shut the FUCKup pedo go blow your brains out.

  • Omg I want it.

  • We all do child p ussy is the best p ussy

  • Why is it the best. ?

  • And go to prison DumbFUCK. Thats if caught by the police first and not by the parents or me. If I catch you, you will go the your grave.

  • ShutTHEfuckUPassWIPE The best thing for you is a lead injection right into your head. Try it you love it.

  • Try childpussy?

  • Hope the parents have a gun and catch you. If done right you will never hear the bang.

  • Guns, Americas answer to everything, stupid yanks and they wonder why they have so much killing there

  • Ok then hope they take a knife and stab you to death. Sabbing someone lasts a long time and the victim suffers greatly. Or take a bat and beat you to death another way thats brutal and leads to suffering. I said that to do a humane kill. You Britts have more stabbing and blunt force killings then we do. But in 2019 in the UK! The ONS analysis for individual police forces covers the year to the end of March 2018 and showed 6,521 firearms offenses, a 2% rise and the fourth increase in a row. You idiots still have illegal guns and suicide bombers there too. You have a lot of bombers in the UK. Us Americans haven't had a bombing since 2001 Idiot. Thats right American parents have the ability to instantly stop pedo's like you dip s***.

  • Sorry know it all I am nowhere even close to Britain but I love your answer.....more violence yanks are so dumb

  • When you do something that bad you should die for your crime. I don't care how, but touch a child that way and die anyway.

  • FUCKoff pedo We can only hope when your A$$ is in prison big bad bubba and his crew find you A$$ the best and they RYANO you.

  • I told you there where some sick focked up guys here and no women.

  • It's pure physics! If the daughter is 100 pounds, and the mother is 101 pound's, the thong is gonna be small

  • Can you prove that is how much the OP weighs NO Just as you can't prove that the OP is female.

  • You can't prove she isn't butt poke lol

  • Mmmmmmmm, I want me some butt poke

  • Go to the panty wearing posts you get someone who will love you.

  • Dude, poke me in the butt Mr Butt poke, do what you do best! Wait, yo supposed to poke you in the butt, pull your britches down, I'm coming to poke you butt Butt Poke

  • I'm sorry but not into guys. Can you think without posting a stupid post. I might be right.

  • Is the butt poke back?

  • I still took baths with my brother, we were naked in the bath tub together (que the p*** music) then after the bath i put on his dirty tidy-whities and wore then for 2 days until we took another naked bath together, which I then put on his dirty tidy-whities again.

    I don't think I wore a clean pair of underwear my entire childhood

  • Thats because you where a child then. Would you do that now?

  • I'm telling you people The OP is a guy. I told you "A panty wearing freak who is pretending to be a woman. Women will not exchange dirty panties to wear. Just like guys wouldn't do the same." I posted that he is a guy two other times and did you see the OP's reply? No, he never did reply. Bet he will now!

    Someone replied
    "I use to take baths with my brother, id put on his dirty tidy whites after."
    Yes, when you where a child because you did not know better and hand me downs where common.

    It was also stated
    "I was on the streets too, I had this guy give me his underwear because he knew I didn't have any because I washed it in a gas station sink, hung it out to dry on a tree branch and another bum stole my underwear. So this good samaritan have me his underwear."
    You got to do what is needed when you don't have any underwear. Truth be told the homeless need underwear and socks so donate new ones to Goodwill.

  • Part two

    Then someone posted
    "I had a friend named Kevin who thought nothing of it to raid his dad's underwear drawer and wear his dad's underwear because it fit him better, his mom use to yell at him to stop it lol"
    And his mom yelled at him because thats gross.

    And last someone posted
    "It's even in cinema yo! Check out the movie Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller's character is caught stealing his finance's brothers boxers as suggested by his fiance. Dude walks in on him and catches him red handed lol"
    Movie meant to be funny because thats gross.

    Look at this place the only people who are fascinated by panties are panty wearing males And they get pretty gross as what they want to do in them and with them. This is another guy posting and getting off on your replies!
    I mean really how often do guys get off with their underwear. But if they have female panties OMG it's a bombshell for them.
    Women only care how good they look in them and hope their man will peel them off and s*** them.
    You state you are in love with her (him) But remember that he stated they where too small for him. The daughter could weigh 180 pounds and he could be 450 plus pounds.

  • Ohhhhh yessssssss, this post really pumped my 'nads!

  • ((((((hug me Judith))))))

  • I love you Judith

  • Is love to know if bella and Jude angel hug it out ever?

  • Does bella like group hugs mom?


  • I love her too

  • I love jude angel 213

  • Judeangel213 your my dream angel

  • What do you do for work Jude? Is it something you wear pantyhose to?

  • That's hot, love women and girls that play with themselves

  • Role reversal has a guy ever watched you play with yourself Jude?

  • You ever seen a guy and watched him jo Judith?

  • You know the best way to jo with pantyhose is to put your d*** into the foot of the pantyhose and do it that way

  • Ever been worshipped Judith?

  • And or the daughter/mother

  • I'd be into worshipping the daughter

  • Well have a national bella day, where everyone worships bella

  • Judith for prez

  • She's got my vote

  • Damn right she is!

  • That's a good mommy

  • Don't need to steal them, mom says she hands them out! Right mom?

  • I wanna steal bella's thongs and blame it on the 'sock monster' lol

  • Where does Bella buy her thongs Judith?

  • I wanna start collecting pairs of bella's thongs

  • They have become collector items now

  • Do they even still print magazines anymore

  • Would you let bella be on the cover of a magazine ms Jude angel?

  • Anyone remember the magazine Leg Show?

  • I get a kick out of pantyhose in church of the women and girls

  • My my my yes, I have even seen girls wear different color pantyhose does under shorts

  • I'm a fan of the blue, or purple tights you see the school girls wear with their uniforms

  • I am a fan of what is under a school girls tights

  • I like the nude color pantyhose women wear

  • Oh yeah, does bella wear any thigh high stockings?

  • Thigh highs are cool too

  • Pantyhose and skirts yessssss

  • Does she ever wear pantyhose? What brand pantyhose does bella wear?

  • What kind of socks does bella wear? I like socks

  • I like socks on a girl too

  • Miss judeangel213, do you mind if I j/o?

  • Wtf did I walk into here lol

    Jude/Judith? Is your name Biblical? Were you named after the bible?

  • Ok everybody! I got a confession! I was, WAS, more attracted to miss Jude angel, but I got to tell ya, I want Mr butt poke now! Sorry Jude angel....

    Mr Butt Poke! What's up!

  • Yes,me and the butt poke guy are gay.

  • Gay

  • After ya'll finish with the butt poke guy, can I get a butt poke too? I'm in need of a serious butt poke.

  • Mmph, seems to me guys really DO give away, steal, share dirty underwear with other dudes, just sayin'.

  • It's even in cinema yo! Check out the movie Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller's character is caught stealing his finance's brothers boxers as suggested by his fiance. Dude walks in on him and catches him red handed lol

  • The Butt Poke guy probably is young and never had the pleasure of reading Penthouse Forums where such a confession as told by Ms Jude Angel, was a magazine chock full of such stories.

  • I'm going to make my own confession post: "I took baths with my brother and wore his dirty tidy whities"

    Maybe the hater butt poke will comment, 'This is impossible'

    But I swear, I really did take baths with my brother and wore his dirty tidy whities!

  • Women can be freaky just like guys

  • I was on the streets too, I had this guy give me his underwear because he knew I didn't have any because I washed it in a gas station sink, hung it out to dry on a tree branch and another bum stole my underwear. So this good samaritan have me his underwear.

    Who knows, maybe he has a confession on here labeled: I gave my underwear away to a stranger lol

  • I was homeless, I bought used underwear from the thrift store

  • Let me chime in, I was in foster care and I didn't have any underwear so I stole a pair off of the foster parents kid, they were small but I made it work.

  • I had a friend named Kevin who thought nothing of it to raid his dad's underwear drawer and wear his dad's underwear because it fit him better, his mom use to yell at him to stop it lol

  • Lol Mr. Butt Poke 😜

  • Truth be told, I use to take baths with my brother, id put on his dirty tidy whities after. I didn't give a crap lol...tag me in so I can give the hater a butt poke!

  • Let's all enjoy a butt poke I got him next!

  • That's why he does it so he can get butt poked lol.

  • Haha! Hater just got butt slammed (aka butt poked)! L****,

  • I want in on this! Lemme poke his butt with my head after your done I'll wear panties as I poke him in the butt

  • Poke u in the butt with my head lol

  • I'm telling you the OP is a man. A panty wearing freak who is pretending to be a woman. Women will not exchange dirty panties to wear. Just like guys wouldn't do the same. Use you head and think.

  • Not all women are built the same

  • No we are not all built the same

  • Tru dat

  • Word, If we all be confessin, I used to work at a department store working the dock. They had a new hire named Christine, I started hanging out with Christine, we take a lunch hour together, we'd go to company parties together texting that kind of thing. I started asking her what color panties she was wearing, so she knew that I was into panties. She also knew that I was in an into her daughter whose name was Yasmin. She was about to give me her daughter's panties but I ended up getting arrested for selling weed lol, by the time I came back she would already moved on. Damn

  • Not true, maybe in your experience. I had a girlfriend named 'Kathy' who I met and she knew I had an infatuation with her neice 'Amy' and I talked her into to getting me her panties when we visited her sister 'Karen' who was Amy's mother's. I talked her into no only getting me her neices panties but actually wearing them and giving me head as I wore her neicey panties.

  • I love wearing my nieces panties

  • I want a 3some

  • You never know

  • No I know you are a man. No doubt about it.

  • You all know she is a he! No woman in her right mind would do that. But a panty wearing man would do that. Look at his writing "we were instructed to do so by a man I met online."
    We? What he got a mouse in his pocket. Women don't give two cents about panties. Only panty wearing nut jobs do.

  • Anyone know how old the mother is?

  • I'm 43

  • Where did you learn how to be such a good mommy?

  • Some from my mom but mostly just doing what feels right

  • Why can't more mom's be like you

  • I don't know they should be

  • Does she have a nice butt?

  • Yes a very nice butt

  • Do you charging money for her panties if somebody asks?

  • No I haven't

  • You want some of deez nutz?

  • Maybe

  • Do you still have her thong or did you give it back?

  • Yes I still have them

  • You said some guy off the internet told you to comply to his wishes and you did what you did? It didn't give you a creepy vibe at all? Don't get me wrong I'm just asking from one woman to another, I can confirm stage as there are creepy guys out there but there are also many that are very charming and you just can't help but to succumb to their charms.

  • Yes I did comply to his wishes. No I didn't find it creepy, he was very charming and I found myself wanting to follow his direction

  • Let me just say that confession is good for the soul, she should actually feel really good that she shared this with everybody!

  • I do feel better about it

  • Maybe she is ashamed she wore her daughter's thong and gave her daughter's panties away the perverts so she just confessed and wash your hands of the post.

  • I'm not ashamed at all

  • I'm h****

  • Bad mom

  • I say good mom

  • Did it ever occur to any of you numb nuts that she may be asleep? Look at the clues retards, scroll back and you'll see that she was asked a question where her daughter went to college at, and she, or somebody, said she went to Marist. Marist is in New York. So that would mean it's the middle of the night there, she's asleep.

  • Yes I am in upstate NY and yes I was sleeping that's why I didn't respond

  • I don't see where it says Marist?

  • She probably deleted it not wanting everybody to know where her daughter went to college what goes to college.

  • Doesn't matter we all know anyways that she goes to Marist

  • I wonder what she's studying at Marist? What kind of course is can girls take it Marist?

  • Sports communication

  • Jude, what do you think of Nazis and the swastika?

  • Honestly I really can't say I have thought about them, why would I

  • Wtf kind of question is that?

  • Chill let's just see if she answers I mean they're real author of this post answers.

  • This post is about the mother confessing that she wore her daughter's thong without her daughter knowing, how did it get to be about N*** and swastikas?

  • No disrespect, let's just see if the author of this post replies to it. I mean for me personally, I love it when women and girls where German world war II outfits because it's considered taboo, much like this post.

  • This is so wrong on so many levels (but that's what I love about it)

  • Where where is this Jude Angel 213, she's not responding is this just a dead post?

  • Ffs wake up Bella dissent excist

  • Sorry I didn't respond but I was sleeping

  • Somebody's been answering, but maybe it wasn't the Jude angel 213 because her timestamp is next to the posts and some posts don't have her timestamp next to it so maybe somebody else has been answering her posts.

  • How many guys have asked you for her panties?

  • A good amount have asked for her panties, no not everyone got some

  • Damn right I want to know the same thing! Furthermore, did everybody that asked get a pair of her panties?

  • Hey, my name is Billy, can I get a shout-out from the mom?

  • Hello Billy :)

  • What can we do to get the daughter into the mom's panties?

  • Nicer to get the daughters out of their panties

  • They would be to big for her

  • I wanna know what thong of her daughter's that she wore?

  • It was black, satin and lace

  • She didn't say

  • Wish all mom's were like this

  • Kudo's to the mother for this post

  • Thank you :)

  • I don't know who I'm in love with more, the daughter or mother, can I have them both, is that an option?

  • Always an option

  • Is she single?

  • Who?

  • The victim, the daughter

  • We are both single

  • Why do you use the word victim?

  • Bro, don't get me wrong, I love it when women are victims! I mean I love how she did this and her daughter is totally oblivious.

  • Does this Bella like the taste of c**?

  • Like this post, who is Bella?

  • Bella is my 22yo daughter

  • I wanna c Bella choke on a thick big black





  • Would be hot

  • Bela is a perfect f*** - loves my thick 8" black c***!

  • Yes I’m sure she would love it

  • Is Bella a:







  • Is Bella a w h o r e ???

  • I don't know about that but she does love s**

  • Hiya, how F'able is Bella?

  • You tell me

  • Yo, so far you seem like the perfect mumma , word

  • Thank you just trying to do my part

  • Have you ever gave away her panties to anyone?

  • Yes I have

  • What tampons does she use?

  • Ok now you gross.

  • Is Bella shaved?

  • She is waxed

  • Did you play with yourself while in her panties?

  • Yes I did

  • Beautiful

  • What panties are you wearing today mommy?

  • Bikini

  • What college she go to?

  • Marist college

  • Naughty mommy

  • I can be

  • Thanks for posting Judith

  • No problem

  • You need to add more tags like "panties" to this post, just sayin.

  • Tell her to add the tag 'mother, mom, mommy'

  • Is she a tasty college girl?

  • Yes she is

  • What college?

  • Duzz shee m*********??

  • Yes she does

  • Yes, what is the mother's name?

  • I am Judith

  • Wat size is the mum's pantes?

  • I think granny pantys are hot

  • Mmmmmmm yes so nice to wear too

  • What panties does mamma wear?

  • I wear a few different types. Usually bikini but thongs sometimes and briefs

  • Briefs are so nice to wear

  • Hott

  • Are you her mom or dad?

  • I’m her mom

  • I love you

  • Thank you

  • Nice. Does she know?

  • I’m not sure she might

  • Will you wear them again?

  • Yeah I might

  • Hi new here love your post. Live girls panties. Since you can't post a pic on here can you describe in as much detail what her panties looked like that you had on of her's?

  • Love wearing little girls panties, love sniffing and licking the crotch too

  • I want Bella's panties so I can lick and sniff her crotch after she wears them

  • What size are her panties?

  • She wears a size 2

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so hot love the pee taste

  • What's her name?

  • Bella

  • I want your daughters panties I love wearing them

  • How old is she. ?

  • She is 22

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