Daughters panties

Yesterday I wore a pair of my daughters thong panties to work. I did this because we were instructed to do so by a man I met online. The panties were to small for me and we very tight, but it was exciting to do.

Oct 2, 2020

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  • This never happened

  • Im a loser with no life and I wear panties and collecting ssi so I literally don't have anything better to do besides go toe to toe with Mr Butt Poke

  • Ok, (raises hand) I'm a panty wearing freak. I admit it, it's out in the open!

  • Add me i wearpanties 24/7

  • For Gods sake, someone get the butt poke guy a Pent House Variations magazine! It's full of such articles.

  • Dude, word up! I'm 230lbs, if I put my son's jockeys on and he weighs 200lbs, his jockeys are gone be tight on me

  • It's pure physics! If the daughter is 100 pounds, and the mother is 101 pound's, the thong is gonna be small

  • Mmmmmmmm, I want me some butt poke

  • Dude, poke me in the butt Mr Butt poke, do what you do best! Wait, yo supposed to poke you in the butt, pull your britches down, I'm coming to poke you butt Butt Poke

  • Is the butt poke back?

  • I still took baths with my brother, we were naked in the bath tub together (que the p*** music) then after the bath i put on his dirty tidy-whities and wore then for 2 days until we took another naked bath together, which I then put on his dirty tidy-whities again.

    I don't think I wore a clean pair of underwear my entire childhood

  • ((((((hug me Judith))))))

  • I love you Judith

  • Is love to know if bella and Jude angel hug it out ever?

  • Does bella like group hugs mom?


  • I love her too

  • I love jude angel 213

  • Judeangel213 your my dream angel

  • What do you do for work Jude? Is it something you wear pantyhose to?

  • That's hot, love women and girls that play with themselves

  • Role reversal has a guy ever watched you play with yourself Jude?

  • You ever seen a guy and watched him jo Judith?

  • You know the best way to jo with pantyhose is to put your d*** into the foot of the pantyhose and do it that way

  • Ever been worshipped Judith?

  • Well have a national bella day, where everyone worships bella

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