Ticklingnaked kids

I love tickling girls and boys between the ages of 6-10 .i have tickled quite of few of them naked i pay people to let me tickle them naked there is no s** involved but i do tickle them on their genitles.seeing that i dont want s** most parents agree and some even help i pay very well.

Oct 4, 2020

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  • This is stupid. If the kids like you tickling them, you don't have to pay. If you have to pay, you're probably some kind of gross mutant who should stay away from kids.

  • You need to psychologically grow up. Seek for the right help. Help yourself and ask why

  • What are you??
    A shrink
    Don't give advice

  • Kill yourself Pervert, that is f****** Child abuse to tickle a child.
    I should know, I tickled my cousin to kiss me, than she and I did it, she surrendered herself to me. Than her mind went full crazy, she was no longer herself, because she surrendered herself to me. She and I were more than friends.

  • Hypocrite

  • Totally agree. I hate perverts especially paedophiles.

  • No you don't. Why are you commenting?

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