Family Incest

I've been reading about some of the experiences people have had in regards to family and s**. I thought I'd share my experiences growing up. I'll refer to myself anonymously as Jay.

When I was very young and before my parents purchased a larger property, I used to share a room with two of my sisters. I was the middle child at the time and between the oldest and youngest there was a little over a five year age difference. My two sisters shared a large bed and I had a smaller bed on the far side of the room. Sometimes I would swap sleeping arrangements with one of my sisters as it was nice at the time to be able to have space to stretch out without someone's limbs on you when you were trying to sleep. I felt like a king having my own bed and would often use it to my advantage to leverage things out of my older sister such as being the first to read the sunday newspaper comic pullout section before my older sister. I never really understood the comics, I just liked looking at the colourful pictures. One of my early memories is from when I think I was about five years old. Whenever I got to share the large bed with my oldest sister I used to wait until she fell asleep and put my hand down her panties and touched her between the legs. I liked the feeling of putting my middle finger between her slit and pinching her p**** lips together and roll them inwards. I also liked stretching them out was kind of like a fidget cube of it's time LOL! It was just a nice feeling and nothing sexual at the time, but I did know that it was wrong. I never did it to the younger one at the time for fear of her peeing on my hand! (I was still youngvand did not know how anatomy worked!) She would often end up in my bed if my older sister observed that my younger sister had drunk too much at night and would didnt want the risk of herself being covered in pee which happened from time to time when the youngest used to wet the bed. I never stayed up on purpose back then, if I just happened to be the only one awake I would reach out and play with my sisters p****. My older sister usually ended up sleeping on her front with her bottom in the air so her knees where on the bed. Never quite knew why she was slept like this, I don't think she realised she was doing it in her sleep. One night at around the same age, I recall my sister was asleep with her bum in the air. I moved the blanket away and lowered her panties down to her thighs so her bum was exposed. For some unknown reason, even at that young age....I began licking her bum, and I mean all over her buttocks, the inside of her buttocks, don't remember what it tasted or smelled like, just that I did it. There was a lot of spit on her while I was doing this. This is the kind of things I would do to a woman now, bizarre how at such a young age I did something so sexual without being aware that I was being sexual (make sense?!) Its the only time I remember doing this to her bum.

When I was around the age of seven (I remember this age as that's when we moved to a bigger house and I got my own room) when I woke up one particular night I was thirsty and wanted some water. I stood outside my parents room, they mostly slept with the door slightly ajar. I was too afraid to go downstairs and get the water myself. I called out for my mum in a whisper but she could not hear me from outside the room and I did not want to wake up my dad who may be annoyed. I slowly pushed the door open and walked into their room, hoping that I could carefully nudge my mum awake. My parents were both asleep. My dad was facing away from my mom and she was sleeping on her back with one arm above her head. The blanket was just bow her chest and her t*** were fully exposed. It's the first time I had seen them like this in all their glory, my mom hascpretty massive t***. Looking at her earlier pictures she was quite thin but appears to have kept a few pounds of weight after each child. She is quite petite in height, she was not fat...just a bit big boned perhaps. I just stared at her t*** in the dark, amazed that they were on display. I could just about see them as my eyes had adjusted to the dark (the way they usually do when things look a bit fuzzy and static in the dark...but this added to the excitement) My mum was snoring a little bit I remember, she was a bit of a snorer sometimes and it's a wonder how my dad slept through most of it. I walked over to my mums side of the bed and looked at her t*** again. I then, quite nervously placed a hand on the t** that was spilling out on her left side where her arm was on her side. Not sure what really convinced me to touch her t**, perhapd just curiosity at first. I remember it was soft to the touch. I didnt squeeze it or anything, just left my hand resting on top of her t**. I then left the room and crept down the stairs to get some water, trying really hard not to imagine any monsters waiting for me down there! When I was back in my room all I could think about was my mums t*** and how nice wobbly it felt touching one of them. I remember the way her t*** fanned out when she was on her back, they looked so big. I though how lucky my dad was that he could touch them whenever he liked. I crept back out of my room and towards my parents room again, every rustled step on the carpeted floor just sound so loud to me at night, I was determined to see my mums t*** again. I think this was the point in my life when I was actually getting sexually aroused as I had a full on erection. I've had them before randomly like waking up in the morning or sometimes for no apparent reason at all. I did have an erection earlier when I had my hand on her t** but it was more noticeable now as it was happening in the corridor in anticipation of going into the room. My parents were pretty much in the same position as I had left them apart from my mums head was now turned to the left of her and in the direction of where I stood when touching her t**. When I got to her I just stared where her eyes were just to make sure that she was not awake and watching me, its hard to look at someone's eyes in the dark. When I decided that it was safe after obsessively checking to see that my mum was asleep I reached out and touched her left t** again. Something was telling me in the back of my mind that I needed to put her t** in my mouth but I was just to nervous. I believe I was aroused or maybe the right word for that age is excited so I pulled my pyjama bottoms down and just stood there staring at my mums t*** with my pecker hanging out and erect. I could smell my dad cigarette ashtray in the room. Whenever I come across this smell I often remember this occasion, it also arouses me a bit too.
When I was standing there I really wanted to put my hand under the blanket and feel my mums p**** but was too nervous at the time. This started a string of events over the years where I would creep into my parents room to touch my mums naked body. It didnt happen too often, sometimes she (annoyingly for me) had some night clothes on but she was naked a lot of the time.

Don't want to write too much but let me know if you want me to continue. I do get to eventually touch my mums p**** while she is sleeping as well as a very fun time when I put my face between her bum cheeks. I also have later sexual history with my younger sister as well as something about my family that really shocked me. Drop me your email here if you want to chat to me in person about my experiences and/or want to share yours. If you think the experiences I went through touching my mum and sister were pretty gets to a different level over the years! Thanks for reading folks :-)


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  • Reminds me of the good ole days! Baths with mom and a crazy little nympho cousin :)

  • Damn thats hot af message me

  • Fake incest propaganda.

  • You should have sucked on her t***! πŸ˜‚


    Would love to chat. Message me.

  • That's hot AF!!!! Tell us more!!!

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