Stepdaughters are f****** with me or am I out of my mind

I have four step daughters. Two of them are constantly flashing me and one of them teases me heavily. Both are always asking me to rub their feet, something I’ve done since they were toddlers, but lately they’ve started to put their feet in my lap and the heavy teaser actually pushes her heel into my crotch. I’ve been married to their mother for 12 years and have never cheated, but I feel like I’m about to go out of my mind if I don’t f*** at least the heavy teaser. Am I a just being a duck here and reading too much into their teasing. or are they wanting something from me. I’m afraid it’s the former and will end up embarrassing myself.


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  • So Confessionpost accepts fictional stories now nice

  • These incest posts are all fictional.

  • Anyway lets chat in this thread about Russian Toilets

  • This has happened to me many times with friends daughters. I've been able to avoid but it's so hard to... makes for good fantasy later....;) but kinda regret as they end up facing others...

  • Then you woke up..

  • Lying SackOfShit

  • Minor mentioned, clicked report, say good bye fakeFession

  • Neither are minors but thank you for your concern. I’m confused not sick.

  • No you are sick.

  • He is just confused about how sick he is lol

  • They wouldn't pull this confession they never do. But keep replying on it and the others. They post this junk to JO to the replies and when they see you reply of disgust, It wrecks their JO session. Do it every time someone replies and wreck their confession. Go to naughty posts and do the same to all incest and pedophilic posts.

  • You are just lying so either

  • Please PLEASE don't act on those urges, no matter what they do or say. You will regret it, whether or not you wind up in prison. You should not and CANNOT touch either of them, no matter how - or how much - you are provoked. Any time either one or both of them stimulate you, go find their mother, drag her ass to the bedroom (literally), and f*** her like a rag doll. She will wonder what's got into you, but just tell her, every time: "You looked good enough to F***........... so, I f***** you." Do not touch the girls. Do not use their feet as s** toys. DO NOT TOUCH. Feel free to f*** the living h*** out of their mother. But do not touch them. If the urge still sneaks up on you, imagine yourself getting assraped by Abdul and Raeshaun and T-Bone while they bend you over your prison bunk. That should significantly diminish the desire for penetration. You are looking out over a minefield . . . where all the mines are less than six inches apart . . . about the length of your c***. But less than the length of your foot, meaning you have no place to stand out there, so just don't go. Stay safe, my brother.

  • I was only venting, but I did not think I would see so much negativity. Seems like there’s a lot of projecting going on, maybe I’m wrong, but either way, this is not what I was expecting.

  • People are getting sick and tired of incest and pedophilic posts. Stop posting that junk.

  • OP wrote this

  • Unclear meaning and reference

  • What is it your are having problems with exactly seeming has you have a number of issues one of them being writing fake crap here

  • H**** with underage is called jail express in my state

  • What a load of fake pedophilic C R A P. Drop deadASSwipe.

  • Same loser op who wrote about this daughter having s** again, need a s***

  • How old r they

  • I don’t want to give anymore info than I have, but both are adults now.

  • If they're both beyond the age of majority, then you need to put an end to it, because it seems unlikely they will do it on their own. Refuse to allow them to make contact with you. Push their feet out of your lap. The more often you allow them to push your buttons, the More likely it becomes that something improper will happen. They are manipulating you, yes, but YOU have to stop it, even if it means isolating yourself in another part of the house, or going out into the yard. This is going to end badly and you know that. Now it's time for you to stop it before it becomes a disaster that can't be undone. Be the grownup and tell them (sternly) it's over, or put yourself out of reach. If it means you must vacate the premises, be prepared to do so. I know the fantasies about where this might possibly

    lead are wonderful, but NONE of the really fun parts are EVER going to happen, so acting against what seems to be your own interests is not a factor. You are far more likely to thoroughly humiliate yourself (or get yourself arrested, or both) than you are to thoroughly enjoy yourself. Do what you already know is right. And if the little devil on your shoulder starts telling you to "F*** them", move out.

  • What ever happened to telling the girls to knock the shitt off. Grounding them or taking their phones away. You are the adult take control. But this is fake and you want everyone to tell you to jump their bones.

  • F*** off

  • OP wrote this trying to drum up some comments DieDickHead

  • FUCKoffASShole,SICKfuck

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