Wife allowed to be f***** by Boss to save her job

When they entered the guest house room she found the plugs just opposite the double bed by the TV stand and while her Boss went to the washroom she plugged the charger kept the phone on the charger focusing the double bed keeping the video call on. With the flip open cover closed no one will notice. When her boss came back, she went to the washroom. Her boss then took too glasses and made some hot drinks and to my surprise he took some powder and mixed in one of the glasses which was given to her when she came back. He poured one more glass of drinks and handed over to her saying it will be good to shed all inhibitions which she drank. He then started to remove his dress and told my wife to get undressed. She just looked at me (at the camera of the phone) and slowly started to undress. When she was in her bra and panty her boss was completely nude and his C*** was half erect. He approached my wife and helped her remove her bra and panty. Then he just told to take his c*** in her mouth. Her face red with mixed feelings as she knew I am watching and seeing another c*** which was almost erect and facing her. She caught hold of it and opened her mouth as he thrust it into her mouth immediately. Two three strokes and his c*** just jumped to its fullness. His c*** was a good 10 inch long with equally thick. He even gave her a throat f*** and she was gasping for air and felt about to vomit. So he stopped such strong thrusts and sat on the bed parting his legs and allowing her to give a good b******. In that bend position her p**** from the back was facing the camera and I could clearly see her juice dripping down with excitement which gave me a wonderful feeling and my c*** was erect. So I too started to stroke my c*** watching the live action and seeing my wife giving another man such a good b******, felt blood rushing to my head and could hear my heart beating too fast.
He then stood up and guided my wife to lie down. As she just sat at the edge of the bed and fell back I could see her v***** split and her pink p**** throbbing with full of juice running down. He then kneeling down started to lick her p****. As his tongue was going up and down I could clearly hear her groaning loudly and cupping her b****** with both hands. He then started to concentrate his licking on her c******* I could see her body shivering with uncontrollable vibrations all over her body and finally come to a climax by curving upwards, pressing her b**** too hard and pushing his head away. While she curved upwards I felt that her eyes were not registering what is going on and she seemed to be in some trance. The drinks seems to have working and she was also laughing and shaking her heads, eyes unfocused.
Her boss then got up and pulled up her legs and parting it apart started to f*** her. His thrusts were too slow at first and then faster. Then with his knees on the edge of the bed parting and pushing her legs backward raised her butts and penetrated his c*** down the open c****, his b**** were hitting her butts. Her a*** was glittering wet with the liquids flowing down and pulsating. After some time he got down and turning her around pulled up her butts and helping her get on knees her b****** pressed down on the bed he started to f*** her in the doggy style. Her head was side wise facing the camera and eyes were closed and she seems to be in a semi conscious state and seemed to be not registering what was going on. While keeping the rhythm he started to finger her a*** also. His thumb was fully inserted and was twisting it while thrusting his p**** in and out of her p****. Since it was a side view her juice was glistening on his c***. I started to count the pumping and started stroking my c*** with mixed excitement. He started to speed up and I knew he was about to c**. I too was at the brim of c****** so slowed down to time with his. He pulled out his thumb from her a*** and was pumping in and out as if to c**. I too vigorously jerked my c*** and saw his p**** being pulled out spurting his c** on her butts and back. Relieved he didnot c** in her p**** I too pumped out my c** as a tribute seeing my wife being f***** by her Boss. He wiped her back and p**** and helped her to slowly fall back on the mattress. She was half sleepy with the effect of the spiked drinks. She curled to one side as if falling asleep.
Just then his mobile rang and he attended and seemed to be happily inviting the person at the other end. Ending his talk he looked at my wife lying on the bed in full nude. He was thinking something dirty and started to lit all the lights and room was fully bright. Then he focused his mobile camera and was taking nude pictures of my wife in all possible ways. In her semi conscious state she was laughing and murmuring something. He turned her to and fro, opened her legs wide and took closeups of b**** and p**** as if a professional photographer.
Heard the calling bell ringing and he covered her nude body with the bed sheet and wrapping a towel around his waist went to attend the door. He came back with two more persons; both looked like high level executives in their late fifties. They too f***** her.

Oct 15, 2020

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