I wanna f*** my sister..she is interested before but not now how

My sister is sexy with nice ass and b**** I had incest on her I used to fantasize about her she used to move closely with me at first I didn't understood but once she went naked infront of me in heated fighting about who stays in the room I didn't looked at her at that time and I regret now and one morning when only me and my sister are at home she sucked my cork and I acted like I didn't know she kept silent like I didn't know about it that drived me crazy and i realised every thing she did is to f*** with me but I didn't get it. now she ignores me but I want to f*** her real bad how should I tell her that I know she sucked my d*** and want to f*** her. ...plz give some suggestions.

People who say this is wrong stay out - u don't have to waste your time commenting.



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  • Thanks for ur suggestions....and encouraging me๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.....if I go to her and show my cork will she take it ....?? she still thinks 'I don't know that she sucked my cork' should I tell her and ask her to suck it again....i don't know am shy , introvert and childish kind of person.

  • Give her a clue like walk naked inside the house. play with your d*** while your bedroom door open. go to the shower when she is in. many ways just be creative

  • I did this bro already and got caught.....did it to get caught partially closed door ...my sis know am watching p*** and jerking she opened door purposely and asked a question .... she's not leaving until I reply her ...my hand inside pyjama holding cork I did it so she might take action since she interested in it.....am shy and my face is burning hot with shyness in the nathing happened that day after few days it happened..!!

  • Great enthusiasm but this is where alot of brothers go wrong when trying to bed their sisters. You have to build up to being naked with each other and touching etc just like you would do with any girl. It's a step by step process and you have to be smart and patient.

  • Just try and seduce her but be smart about it

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