Gf son is f****** up a good thing

I’ve been with the girl for almost a year. She’s got a great career and is an absolute angel the only problem is her p**** ass son. He is so annoying I can’t stand his ass. Instead of playing with the other kids outside he literally wants to dance around and sing and s***. He dances around and does the splits like a a raging h*** on a d***. I hate his voice it’s so f****** high pitch. Sometimes I put headphones in and pretend like I’m doing homework(webinar) but really I’m just listening to music to tone his ass out. The woman is a saint and absolutely has her hands full dealing with his disrespectful attitude. The f****** kid is only 7 but is witty af. He’s got a comeback for any and everything someone says to him. As great as she is I swear I don’t think I can deal with this kids s***. What should I do

Oct 16, 2020

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  • He’s 7 you asshat. The fact that it irks you so bad tells a lot about you. Get the f*** outta that family and leave them alone. You are not good partner material.

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