I still want to f*** my ex-coworker

I am madly in love with this guy. I know him from highschool. He's so beautiful. I got to work with him for 2 years. There was strong sexual tension between us and I regret not hugging and kissing him at every opportunity. Also, I regret not grinding him when I had the chance and not jumping on the occasion when we were both hot and bothered. I gave him quite a few boners and his close proximity made me dripping wet, we should have f***** right then and there, because s*** hit the fan anyway. I really liked staring at his bulge and ass. Such a fine ass <3 I did feel his d*** through his pants once, accidentaly, and omg I would love to have it in me. I'd just love to let him creampie me over and over. He has amazing lips too. I noticed neither of us would pull away from accidental touches. We were just stupid to not take it further. He at least deserves a good b******. Too bad he's married with this ugly c*** that doesn't even love him. So yeah, Alex V ruined my s** life, because right now I don't really want to f*** anyone else. This is hopeless

Oct 20, 2020

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  • Go for it girl!

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