Neighbor tried to have s** with me

I am a married, straight man and my neighbor tried to have s** with me last night. I'm not sure how I feel about it or if I should bring it up with him. We hang out on my porch most weekends, watch football sometimes and usually drink. Last night he was drinking scotch vs my miller lite for me. Our wives were carving pumpkins at his place and drinking wine. Anyway he got pretty sloppy drunk so I told him he could crash on the couch to sleep some of it off. I went to bed. I got woken up to what I thought was my wife coming home, someone on the bed pulling my boxers down. I looked over my shoulder and it was Mike, pants off, rock hard straddling my butt and pulling my boxers down. I panicked and tried to wiggle a little but he pushed my head into the pillow and told me to enjoy it Becky...that's his wife's name....anyway it felt scary and like forever but in reality he was only on me for maybe 30 seconds. I felt him trying to push his c*** into my butt but it wouldn't go in, it was this very weird suction and full feeling while he was trying to push into me. He gave up, rolled off and mumbled something like f*** this and left the house. I'm at work today replaying it and thinking both WTF and do I bring it up?

Oct 26, 2020

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  • From experience, I can tell you if you are properly lubed and stretched first, you will probably love it. I've only had pain with a*** twice. Once, when a guy f***** me with no lube, and the second time was with a couple I have s** with. The guy's c*** is big, I can hardly get it in my mouth. He had tried to f*** me several times, but was just too big to get inside of me. He and his wife would lube me well, and stretch me, but it was a no-go. Then one time I was bent over the edge of the bed and he was trying to enter me again. The wife got behind him and gave him a big push, causing his c*** to fully enter me. It hurt like h***, but she stayed behind him pushing him to f*** me. He kept f****** me until he had c**. Since then, we have repeated this several times, and I can now take him fairly easily.

  • Sounds like you've had a very steamy kinky time, pretty hot

  • Let him f*** you a*** s** is amaZing

  • Really? I don't know man, seems painful

  • Bring it up, then tell his wife.

  • I ended up bringing it up to him, bugged me too much. He doesn't believe he did that and didn't apologize either. Haven't hung out since, probably should've not mentioned it?

  • No you did the right thing, he knows what he did but is too embarrassed to admit it. Honestly if it happened once more than likely it will happen again. Real friends would not attempt such acts on a buddy drunk or not. If you do decide to hang with him again I would not drink with him. Or atleast keep it at beers 🍻.

  • Good call, I'll keep it to beers. He's my neighbor, we have fun hanging but I'm not looking to have him doing me you know? I appreciate you replying btw

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