Nothing yet...or probally ever

My Mother started going out with this guy a little older then her and she invite him to dinner one night a cuple weeks ago so he could meet us kids, me and my 2 younger brothers. He was good looking and it looked to me like he's hung pretty good. yeah. I checked him just to see and I was pretty impressed. And yeah I noticed he checked me out too. I am legal where we live and I told him so when Mother was out the room. He just smiled and said that was good to know but not in any kinda way that would make you think he would ever do nothing a bout it. Ever since that night I been dreaming about him and dripping for him (messed four panties, tore one) to just come over here and do something to me but I have not actually saw him since then so no hookup yet. It may not never happen but I sure am hoping and praying that he will just come over here and get with me. Why not? I look way better than Mother and I f*** like a wildcat. He don't know how lucky he could be! I think we would look good together too. He's really tall and I'm real short! He could pick me off the floor and hit it standing up easy! I hope and pray he does!I want that in my life!

Oct 26, 2020

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  • I've had a few daus do that with me. Some 8 years away from being legal!
    I only wished i had just done it as later i find that they did it anyway with others.

  • You shouldn't have to settle for second best, when you are the best you are younger and hotter than your mother, you deserve him more let him see you naked as he passes the room make advances it shouldn't take long, he probably wants you anyway and only used your mother to get to you. I
    f you mother loves you she will step aside and be supportive

  • Let your mom get steady with him and may be, they get married. Then he will all be yours. Encourage your mom towards this.

  • Okay dude enough, bro never post this again, understood mister?.

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