Why is s** so important.

Like my title why is s** so important to people ?
Many times I have asked myself that question I was married for three years one time with two children and I f***** around with other women until my wife left me and took our son with her and to this day I don't know where they went.
I was broken p by that but I still f***** around like life depended on it and I was blessed or cursed with a large c*** almost 9 inches long and thick.
Other men were envious of my size .
I also seamed to attract married women and I had affairs with several of my friends wives causing problems when Jeff a very good friend of mine found out I was s******* his wife Jessica.
I have ran adds with my picture nude for affairs with women and that has worked good even some married guys have contacted me wanting to watch me have s** with their wives and at first I was not at all comfortable having a guy watch me have having s** with his wife but after several times I found that I liked it and I changed my add becoming a stud and that was even more effective .
I had an vasectomy after our second child so getting a woman pregnant wasn't a problem so for years I have learned to live alone and I like having it that way and I have more s** than most married guys do .
Lately though more and more I ask myself why is s** so important to us it takes such a short time out of our life most married couples get together maybe three of four times a month and within 20 minutes we roll over and go t sleep but when a guy brings is wife to me her and I will have s** several times and the guy will watch his wife enjoy my larger c*** for several hours but why what do they get out of watching me f*** their wife ?????
I never when I was married wanted to watch some guy s**** my wife.


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  • Its better to do it while your young anyway. media warped brains of so many with stds to the point it has destroyed the gen x group. so make the most of it and don't let this ever happen again in earths history because the wrong against that gen x group is just plan evil corruption, satanic and heartlessness. They didn't want them having kids at least you have a chance. I wouldn't obey and I wouldn't have s** with old faggies.

  • It's an obsession. Like smoking. Why do it? Are you satisfied with the answer?

  • I really don't care as long as they keep bringing their wives to me.

  • I would like to see someone with a large c*** have s** with my wife too. I think it has to do with the fact that I find her very attractive and I would like to just watch her f***.

  • Its like shopping someone your prized possession, show them what a good wife you have. She is great and my wife, see how hot she is?

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