I think I like that my bf has a foot fetish??

I'm a gay dude, I've been dating my boyfriend for 15 months, and I've known he has a foot fetish for around 5. I was shocked at first because I've always thought feet were gross, but I love him so I wasn't mean about it. We were cuddling on my bed a few days ago and my feet were in his lap, I naturally just didn't think about it because we've never done anything that related to his fetish before. I felt something hard and big and I knew that he had a b****. I love teasing him when he gets hard so I just kind of started rubbing it through his pants with my feet. I started getting h**** myself from seeing his flushed face and how he was trying to hide his b**** from me (I love embarrassing him, he's so adorable). I didn't use my feet after that, but I felt really good knowing that I could make him feel good without even using my hands or mouth. Do I have a foot fetish, or do I just like the convenience?

Oct 27, 2020

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  • My wife loves giving me foot jobs for convenience. She can do something else with her hands while she does something nice for me under her feet.

  • So you are a dude and what you are trying to tell us you want another dude to foot fu2k you

  • No..

  • M wife licke f***

  • Give him a footjob. Why not?

  • C** in p****

  • C*** is are the b one with c** in p****

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