I posed nude in the 1970s

I was a nude model in the 1970s

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  • Not long after I got married my husband started suggesting that I pose nude for a dirty men's magazine. That got us talking a lot about the whys and risks of it. I was both frightened and thrilled at the thought of being recognized in it. I wanted men to love l****** for me but I didn't want to get humiliated by anyone being mean about it.

    I was thinking of Playboy but my husband was pushing the hardcore magazines as they showed more and were more expensive, so I was less likely to be spotted by the casual reader. We compromised and I posed for Perfect 10.
    We bought as many issues as we could afford and for years after that my husband would slip my issue into dirty magazine collections in places like
    auto repair garages, tire changing centers and he gave some to his friends.

    I felt uncomfortable at the time, knowing he was doing that, and dealing with some of the awkward situations, but looking back I'm glad of it all.

  • GTFO this is a toilet talk thread now

  • Wow!! You were in Perfect 10!!! I remember when they got started. My recollection is that they didn't allow any girls with plastic surgeries or tattoos, even though all the augmentations and body art was the wave of the future. So, if you got published there you must have been especially beautiful and natural. I don't remember what happened to them but i know they were trying for a product that was of even higher quality (and more principled) than Playboy. Congratulations!!! and excellent job!!!

  • #FakerThenFuck

  • Not fake at all. It's seriously impressive that she got published in a high quality magazine. Yeh it was a nude mag, I get it, and though she herself points out that it wasn't at the high level of Playboy, it also wasn't at the far-lower level of Penthouse, High Society, Hustler or worse. Getting published is an accomplishment worthy of recognition. And yes, it's impressive! Not fake.

  • Pictures or it didn’t happen, #fakerThenFuck until then

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  • When I was a kid, my mom had me doing modelling. They would take photos of me in underwear for Target and kmart catalogues. To save embarrassment, my photos went in the catalogues of a different state and so my friends did not see me in my undies.

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  • How funny that Mils and Zoomers are such extremely delicate petals about being called out on anything like their gender or race, but it's still ok to dunk on people older than them. The older Millennials are starting to experience ageism, get the popcorn!! LOL

  • I have seen the beginnings of this. The perpetual whining will start ratcheting up even louder when enough of them start being treated the way they treated "olds" before.

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  • It is normal now to pause nude. I walk around the house and yard naked. I live on a semi busy street. I wish that somebody look at me as if surprised.

  • Yes very hard to shock or even supprise people anymore. But I'm glad to know the effort is being made. Thanks for that . . . . . . .and keep up the good work!

  • In the Seventies, while I was in college, I dated a woman (about 4-5 yrs older than me) who posed nude in an art class I took, and I actually fell in love with her (and really loved her incredibly thick bush completely). After we had dated for almost a year and ultimately lived together, she got pregnant. I was thrilled, and asked her to marry me so we could be together and raise our child together. She declined, and told me she intended to get anabortion (she knew I opposed the practice). I told her I didn't want her to abort and i also wanted to be with her because I loved her so much. She went ahead with the abortion despite my objections and despite my love for her. Just after she recovered from the procedure, she broke up with me and moved out, returning to her hometown. I was devastated, having lost her and my child in such close proximity. I was depressed for months. Friends tried to get me to date but I was too much a mess to even think about social interaction, much less being involved with someone. Many months later, one of her friends approached me at a political function on campus and began to chat with me about Kara and, during the conversation, it became obvious she thought I knew something about the pregnancy that I didn't know. So finally I just asked for a explanation because what she was saying confused me, and she told me straight up: "Kara's baby wasn't yours". I spun back into the depression and stayed there for well over two years. However, I finally got beyond it and went to grad school, although I never married or had children: just those thoughts were too sad. I will never be "over" Kara nor find someone to love like I loved her.

  • Heart rendering stuff. I feel for you mate. Some of these women are so cutting

  • I agree but the OP is lying here

  • Thank you so much for your sensitivity and your very kind words. It makes no sense, I guess, but even at this distance in time, it still hurts. Crazy.....

  • Wait ---- if she knew you were antiabortion and she knew the baby wasn't yours, why would she even tell you she was pregnant and that she was aborting. Why not just abort it and say nothing ??

  • Because women are weird and they love injuring others

  • I think its true . . . . and blondes are the worst. they really think they are entitled. they believe that every other womans man belong to them too. they really love to hurt other people. and if they ever have a chance to destroy a marriage or to trainwreck a whole family they will do it every effing time. A friend of mine from HS who was a blonde ruined families at least four times our senior year alone that i know about for sure. one was our chem teacher, one was the husband in a couple whose kids she had used to babysit for before, one was her boss at her part-time job, and the last One was a guy her dad worked with and she tricked him to get her pregnant and then she toled his wife and did it in a really mean ugly way. She was a serious b****. her name was really Cherry but everybody called her Dirty Cherry. she would always tell all the guys who f***** her that they were getting her cherry but usually they were just only getting a STI. But I guess the real joke was on me because she got laid more then me or anybody in our school and every guy who ever met her wanted to get with her and they would do anything to get to hit that. they all fell totally in love with her filthy nasty ass. even after she got married after HS they still waited in line to be the next one to marry her. she been married four times. So far. they none never fell in love with me.

  • Women are surely complicated creatures and incomprehensible to men. To her, those behaviors were perfectly rational and defensible. Abortion is a sensitive and contentious topic still today, but in the 70s (Roe v. Wade was decided by the U.S. supreme Ct. in 1973) it was explosive. But that is just speaking politically and socially. When it came down to an individual instance, it was nearly impossible to find common ground for the affected people (biological mother and father) to occupy, and a woman getting an abortion or even considering itwas really in a no-win situation. This lady here was in between a rock and a very hard place. We have to assume she did what she was forced to in her circumstances.

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  • Please don't breed, help us save the plant.

  • I fail to see how his decision whether or not to breed will impact plant life . . . . . . silly wabbit.

  • I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

  • Unless, of course, he actually is f****** a ficus, or a Norfolk pine, or an orchid, or a peace lily.


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