I might be in love. Maybe just l***.

So, I am out shopping with my sister in law one week ago today, Yeah she was obviously not wearing a bra which is kinda normal, She doesn't often wear one but she doesn't flaunt it, She doesn't wear see through shirts or anything like that, usually a dark coloured t-shirt or something but this day she had on a sleeveless t-shirt, Still black but sleeveless.
We were at a hardware store getting some things for my brother who was building a garage so since her truck was hooked to a trailer I took her in mine, She had a cart and was standing reading her list leaning forward with her elbows on the handle, I walked up from behind and the way she was leaning on the cart I could see right in the arm of her shirt. My sister in law is...A bit of an oddity to me. She is your average housewife type but drives me absolutley crazy and always has, I don't get it. I am 28 and she is 40, This day she had on a pair of cut off shorts, not super short but short enough and she has kind of pale skin and lots of freckles, She is 5'3" and just guessing but probably...125-130 pounds, Smaller chested, Kind of thicker legs which is totally my thing, Wider hips and an ass that I have been or almost been caught staring at hundreds of times, she had her shoulder length brunette hair back in a pony tail. She has a beautiful freckly face I could just stare at and amazing blue eyes and her whole body is freckly.
Anyway I could go on about her forever but I walk up, stop a step behind her and I can see her whole right t** inside her shirt, Freckly of course, Kinda hanging down a bit (She has two kids), No stretch marks (anywhere for that matter) and a lets say Twoonie sized, Dark pink, Braile areola with an oddly square basically exactly shaped like a pencil eraser nipple and her nipple is hard, Her areola is bumpy and wrinkly and I stared in awe, I wouldn't have guessed her b**** although small would be so perfect. She never moved her body but turned her head, Totally busted me and stood up straight, I could feel my face burning and she just chuckled under her breath and we continued shopping, I had two more opportunities to get a look at her perfect little t*** and took both.
We loaded the truck which allowed one more opportunity and I got caught, We got in the truck and she buckled up, went to lean forward and her seatblet locked, She unbuckled and fished around in her purse on the floor, I stared at her left t** which is just as perfect as the right one and she caught me again, Up till that point she hadn't said anyhting but then she said "James...Goodness", I said "Wow, I am so sorry, I just..." and she just held her hand up and tucked her shirt in under her arm. I put the truck in reverse and she looked out her window and said "Wait, there someone with the door open next to us", I looked and for f*** sakes, She had ahold of the handle on the dash with her body twisted looking back and her left t** was almost completely out, I wanted to just lean over and suck it but instead looked away reluctantly.
Eventually we got home and I looked at her b**** twice more unloading the truck, after supper we were all sitting around drinking and I had seen her b**** like 3 more times, My brother went inside and she leaned over to grab a beer and caught me yet again, she said "What's up with you today?, You need to get laid or what?". I choked on my beer and said "What?", she said "In 12 years I have never had to be concerned about you trying to see down my shirt, I don't wear bras, Never have, Hate them and I don't really care but goodness, be sneaky...I don't know why you would want to see saggy old mom b**** anyway".
We had a few more beers and a few of their friends showed up and then I was in the kitchen, she came in and said "Hey, I was looking for you", she was obviously tipsy and said "So...I was thinking....What about my sister?". Her sister although built similar, looks similar and of course has the same genes I can't stand her and have actually only been around her a handful of times and never in less than full length jeans or a full dress so she has never really excited me and is a total b****.
So about half an hour later she walked into the house, I look at my sister in law and just smiles and her sister says "Hey Jamsie" which she always calls me and I can't stand the condecending tone she uses and her squeaky voice, I asked what she was doing there and she said her sister had called her to come over, The evening carried on and by midnight was a full blown party, My brother was doing burnouts in the garage on his harley, Music was playing, The cops showed up at one point and they had a bonfire going. People were coming and going and I was sitting on the deck beside my sister in law, I caught her out of the corner of my eye talking to her sister who then looked over at me and scrunched up her face, she is 31 and divorced and I am pretty sure I know why....Because she is a b****, I had however checked her out and yeah...She is built very similar and if she ever took her hair out of the tight bun it's always in she would look a lot like her older sister. the two started talking and my sister in law said "You should dress sexier, You might attract more attention than you realize", Her sister said "What?...F*** off" and then my sister in law started in on her. The two were both drunk and eventually she talked her into changing, they came back and she was in a denim skirt and a T-shirt, Her sister had her hair down and if it hadn't been for the hair length and color they would have been tough to tell apart.
So on went the night with my sister in law trying to set me up with her sister, I went inside and she met me in the hallway, She said "So....What do you think?, She's hot right?", I said "Yeah..." and she said "But?..." and I just shrugged. My sister in law looked back over her shoulder then looked at me and said "Hers" then hooked her thumbs in the arms of her shirt and pulled it together showing both her b****, I stared as she said "Are identical but firm" and then fixed her shirt and giggled, looked down and said "Fix that before you come back out" and tapped my b****.
This whole 24 hour period was unlike any I had been a part of, I seen my crushes t*** a dozen times and she just touched my d*** and then laughed about it so anyway, I go back outside, There are maybe 5 people left and my sister inlaws sister comes up to me, She says "How come you never talk to me?", Instead of saying "Because you are a b****" I say "Because I have always had a crush on you", She stops, Looks at me and says "Whaaa?", I nod my head, She looks around and grabs my hand, Leads me to the front of the house and we walk, We walk and walk and kiss and get to her house, She almost kicks the door down trying to get in and I pound her.
Like never with any girl before, From the back looking down at her beautiful little, Round ass, Not as big as her sisters but still great, On her back with her legs in the air while looking down at what can only be described as the worlds most beautiful p****, I cup and hold her perfect, literally perfect t***, No word of a lie they are exactly the same as her sisters but firm just like she said, On her side, Bottom leg straight between my knees, Top leg pulled up to her chest, D*** in her and my middle finger, My middle one, My thickest finger in her ass, Not a little, Not one knuckle, My fist hammering against her p**** and my middle finger f****** her in her ass and not gently.
We f***** in the kitchen, In the mudroom, In the hallway, In the bedroom, In the living room, In the shower, I bent her over in the shower and tossed her salad, A first for me but I did it, She talks dirty, She squeals, She moans, she screams, She begs for more, Crawls across the floor wiggling her ass and says "Come on baby....Tell me what to do for you", She puts on shows with her d****, She dry humps the air and bites her lip looking at me. I had no clue, None at all that the most annoying, Bitchiest, least attractive person I could think of would end up being the one I can't stay away from.
For 6 days I have been pulled like a magnet to her house when she gets home from work and texts me "Hi", When I get to her house she seldom has on very much clothes, Like not much at all, Yesterday I got there and she had her hair up in the "B**** bun" I went way out on a limb and said "Get that out", she said "What?", I said "That bun" and she giggled, I stood there and stared at her and she had the weirdest reaction, her eyes were like twitching, And she got all goose pimply and licked her lips then gulped and squeaked "What if I don't" and I spun her around, Bent her over the table and shoved my hand down the back of her skirt, Rubbed her butt hole and said "Next time I catch you with your hair like that I am going to f*** you in the ass".
She grunted "uhh-uhh" as if to say no and I said "Then don't do it again" and she took it out, She is turning me into a dominant and she is playing sub which our roles are opposite at work, Wow, She is trapping me and we only go bareback and she seldom lets me pull out. I don't want to knock her up but I also do want to.

Oct 29, 2020

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