I just caught my son sniffing and wrapping his p**** in my pantie

Hi My name is Hasbeena and I come from an indian household and currently living elsewhere. I googled and figured out people talk about this here because I'm not sure what to do. Me and my family went out to a shopping mall my sons and my husband. One is 15 (one who I caught) and other is 18 after a long day of shopping we have a rule to put our clothes in a bucket because we needed to clean them extra because of this stupid pandemic. I would always put my clothes last but I would do it after the males had done it. I came back after the shower and put my panties bra etc in the bucket then after 6 hours I came to clean the clothes and I see my son licking my slippers and sniffing and rubbing his little p**** (not shaming him). I acted like I didn't see anything but now I'm eager to tell my husband to get him to therapy but if my husband finds out he's dead so I'm not sure what to do I might let him do online therapy or smth help.

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  • Just help him out one day when your husband is not home. That’s what mothers are for right?

  • Lol. So many liars here. You all would fuq your moms if you thought you’d get away with it. I just forced mine after she got out of a shower and went to dress in her room. She resisted for 5 minutes then got into it. We’ve been banging for 38 years daily. Quit being phaghots and go get you some.

  • This is as fake as it gets dude. Your title states that he had a panty wrapped around his d ick.You story has him licking you slipper. Also fock you for that pedophilia post A$$whole.

  • Don’t worry it is perfectly normal. Boys that age have raging hormones.

  • Fock off it's not normal.

  • OP wrote this tsk

  • Very true

  • Your son is in the age were his testosterones is raging from inside. instead of punishing him, get a win-win resolution. do what other moms do. make silent moves, make him trust you with the condition that he will leave the laundry room alone if he do the laundry for you. deliver your undies to his room and he can vent in privacy. you need to show him how to handle his testosterone even if you use your body for it. keep it hush hush better than destroy his future. you sacrificed so much for so long-so don't blow it.

  • Okay bro whatever

  • Funny how all these confessions about panties and sons sniffing/wearing them are all written by "supposedly females" do you really expect us here to believe this tripe, don't you think it's strange how those that have these "experiences" are also using this site...

  • Let's look at what they are sniffing. When we take a shower and someone goes down on us, we don't smell. When we put underwear on, bacteria from sweat starts to form on them and on our underwear. When we use the bathroom we leave a small amount of urine and fecal matter on us and on our underwear. That allows for bacteria to really form fast. When bacteria breaks down other bacteria, urine and fecal matter, the side effect is Oder. Thats what you smell! Gross isn't it?
    Thats what you'r smelling when you are sniffing women's panties. Bacteria, sweat, old urine and fecal matter! Thats if you get them right off her. If you pick them up hours later from the floor or worse the hamper! You are sniffing and licking a lot more bacteria and more! The floor and especially the hamper has everyone in the households bacteria, fecal matter, mold and fungal spores in it and it spreads to those panties you are smelling and licking.

    So enjoy sniffing and licking those panties.

  • Washing onself clean with soap water will prevent faeces and urine on our person and undies.

  • Do you stand at a sink in a restroom washing yourself down there? Even at your house? Most people use toilet paper and thats it. When you pass gas you let small amounts of fecal matter out. Don't matter the our bodies are covered with bacteria some good some bad.

  • Don't forget when the OP lets all those men fucck her for meth and cra ck you be sniffing and licking their cuum as well.

  • Word pantie and son = dude wrote this

  • ^ This ^

  • Like the other said, it's rare but normal for that age. This should be handled with caution. Don't tell his dad but bring up the topic and explain that this is very wrong and will not be tolerated. In a Calm but assertive manner. Make effort to deal with your clothes in a different way from now on.

  • Shut up! For the OP try smacking him and see if that works! If it don't, take him in for therapy.

  • It is quite normal for most teenage boys. Talk to him first before involving your hubby. You both should take the matter easy to cool off. It should go off as he grows older!

  • It is not a normal thing for kids to do. Only in your panty wearing minds. It is not normal for adults to do that either.

  • Fucck off with the panty posts tard

  • Come on, give it a break. It could be a true story. Lots of young men like to sniff womens underwear.

  • Only 40yo virgins do that

  • Thats pure BULLSHITT. I never did and nobody I know did that either.

  • How do you know know one else did it? Its like incest. It happens but no one shouts from the roof top about it.

  • Exactly

  • Look at you sick fuccks all here. Thats all you do is tell fake incest stories and sniffing panties. If you tell it here why wouldn't one tell his friend? My friends would have told me that and I would have told them thats gross.

  • Thats because guys always lie about it, even to each other.

  • 🤢🤮👆you

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