I feel powerful f****** all my friends boyfriends

I feel so horrible when I snap out of it but I cant stop sleeping with all my friends boyfriends. None of them have any idea. I cant say no to s**.

I moved to a new area around 8 years ago. Made a close friend on the street, our kids play together. I would share a joint with her fella. She had just had a baby and has fibromyalgia and is always moaning or ill. We would smoke weed together in his shed, we were discussing food and from no where told me how much he loves eating p****. I was wearing a huge over sized TShirt, I called his bluff lifted it up, pulled my knickers to the side and let him go for it. He latched himself onto my p****, sucking the life out of it. My juices were all over his face, I will never forget it. He has done it so many times since. He says he finds my friend boring in bed but he loves her. We have had s** a few times but he just has a thing about eating my p****. He's been down there for hours. He can be my bit on the side forever. I know he eats out and f**** other women too which I do get jealous about. I have even aborted his baby. My friend ironically held my hand and tried to convince me to keep her fellas baby. (She thought it was a one night stand). It was an awful situation but I felt so powerful carrying his baby.

Another friend of mine. Her fiance drove me home. He started smiling at me, touched the inside of my thigh and said he has always wanted to f*** me. I took my knickers off. We pulled up and I let him f*** the living day lights out of me, he came in my p****, put his c*** away and said nothing as he drove me home. He made me feel dirty. He still says nothing and acts like it didn't happen.

My best friends current boyfriend has an amazing c***. He has used it on me a few times. The first time we were all drunk, we went off to buy some cigarettes but stopped off at a local park. He f***** me and came in my knickers.

Nov 1, 2020

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  • You feel terrible bc you're a piece of s***. If this is true then I hope you end up all alone at the end of your life.

  • My wife cheate on me 25 years ago . with in a month of it all coming out . i slept with 4 of he friends all eagrr to tell me what a c*** my wife was to me and all wanting more than just the once . but best was her younger sister . whom replaced my wife for 2years lol .

  • Where do you live? Asking for a friend...

  • If you only "feel so 'horrible'" after the fact, uh news flash, it's deliberate. You probably think all you have to do is Burst Into Tears or flash your t!ttays to "earn" forgiveness. That doesn't fly so well with your fellow "sisters," which you will learn quite suddenly at some random point. Sleep well ;)

  • My girlfriends does this. My girlfriend for years has been saying how honest I am, I could never cheat etc. So her friend made it her mission to f*** md secretly. Just before covid lockdown I gave her a lift home one night, she begged me to come in for a coffee. I knew exactly where it was going but I held back to make her work for it, until she came into the living room in just a pair of heels. She rode me liking a bucking bronco. She said my 4 inches was the smallest she ever had but it was the best s** she could remember having.

    Since then, whenever my girlfriend mentions me being so honest and faithful, she gets the sensational urge to f*** me. Several times I've c** so hard inside her. One time she came round and gave me a b****** during girls night while I was watching tv in another room.

    One time my girlfriend said about me never asking for a*** as I'm not that type of guy etc. I never ask because I know the answer is no. Well the next day I f***** her friend in the ass. Best s** I ever had.

  • You go, girl! Why feel horrible? I certainly NEVER turn down s**!!!

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