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I posted a story about some of the dates I had been on a long time ago and thought I would update with the more recent ones.
So, 42, Single and took a break but started dating again, What a mistake, I have tried this a few times and have come to realize guys are disgusting pigs, I just want a guy who want's regualr things and a regular life and yeah, ya know what?, If we get to the point where we are "Together" maybe I will do some of the more adventurous stuff but for now let's start out...Normal.

John: Oh John, First of all John has a teeny weenie which is fine, I really don't care but please John, Just because it is small doesn't mean you get to put it in there. I spent an hour and a half trying to protect my butt hole from being violated by probably the smallest p**** I have ever seen. Coulda been good otherwise John.

Markus: Ok, From one extreme to the other, Obviously I expected him to be large, He was a 6 foot 2 black man, But...When I say my jaw hurts from sucking it then you are supposed to do some other stuff not tell me to lay back and try to j*** it on my face, Go find some teen s*** if that's what you want, I was fully nude and fully offering a different option but that wasn't what he wanted so he left with an erection and a request to lose my number.

Darryl; Ok, Darryl could have had potential except...He is not circumsized and doesn't properly care for it, That's all I am gonna say...Men, If you don't get your sons circumsized teach them proper care.

Thomas: It was going so good until on the cab ride home you...The whitest guy I have met tried to go gangsta...Nope, I won't be a dirty b****, Nope I will not let you "Nut" on my pretty face, Thomas took the cab home alone from my house.

Dale: Oh Dale, Your name is so...Blah but your muscles are so not, You had me, You had me all worked up and came before we went to the bedroom, WTF, Handy on the couch and you were done and straight up told me there was no chance it was coming back.

Erick: Ok, this went good...Twice, Attentive, Attractive, Good looking, Oh wait...Also married...WTF Erick, No, No, that is not ok, I will not be your mistress and you need to divulge that information before you have a girl face down, Made her come and she had already told you she did then you say "I am married" Nope. Out. NOW.

Aaaargggghhhh come on guys, Is there no one decent left.

Tim: Tiny tim, couldn't get it up and when he did he was barely bigger than John but he was a little.

Micheal: Meh, Yeah, ok, He may get a call back but he has to drop some of it and wait till further along in the relationship, We got sweaty, Went to my place and I hinted at the shower due to the sweat, Candles, Shower, A large but not excessive c*** and doing it all right, Then licked the wrong hole, I get it, I uh...I don't enjoy it but I get it, I let you but it killed the mood more than built it up. He did get things going the right direction again after but that part needs to get taken out of the go to things.

Nov 3, 2020

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  • Sounds like you been busy J

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