Act super liberal to f*** black chicks

I hit BLM marches in several cities to f*** black chicks. I don't give a f*** either way, I just want to f*** black p**** and c** in them.

It so easy to get these chicks in bed after a protest. They think I'm so liberal. I don't even vote. I have several burner phones and fake ID's so they have no clue who I am.

5 of them have been calling constantly as I ghosted them and they are now knocked up.

I love the these times.

Nov 3, 2020

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  • Who in their right mind wants to get with s niggra chick???? 🤮🤮🤮 Acting like a liberal is a perversion of everything holy and human.

  • Black p**** is the best.

    I’m white and married but I love black women. There is nothing sexier than a dark skinned woman and her beautiful pink p****. It tastes amazing.

    Just ask my wife. She loves to watch me f*** them hard then she licks them clean.

  • I don't need BLM marches to get black or brown p****. Just meet them and treat them like gold and make them wait for s** no matter how much they want it. Been doing it for 20 years since I was 15.

    They fall for me quickly and hard. I f*** them for a week or two then ghost them too.

    Their need for white c*** and an easy life with a rich dude makes them stupid.

    Plan on f****** then all. I always use condoms and only bare back in their mouths and make them swallow.

    All black and brown p**** wants white c***. They know it better.

  • That's so hot, acting completely fake so you can (attempt to) get your little vienna sausage played with.
    Clearly your true personality isn't getting you anywhere with the ladies!

  • I do that too. Also I go for the men too. I love a muscular black guy. The ultimate love toy!

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