Two f***** genders people

THIS "LGBTQ" thing isnt a thing. It should exist. Stop f****** barking at people and get a life, choose a f****** gender, since theres only 2, it cant be that hard

Nov 10, 2020

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  • Google intersex lol

  • This whole "two genders" is such a lie. Biology is irrelevant!

  • You can identify as whatever you like but it doesn't mean you are that. There is always going to be biology and fact. You are male or female.

  • Biology is completely irrelevant!

  • What's happening to the world, i recall reading something about when a baby is born, the nurse don't put the s** of the baby so when it grows up, it can decide if it wants to be a male or female....

  • Parenting licenses need to become a thing. If you don't know wtf you're doing or can't afford it or want to squirt out spawn for selfish reasons (and 99.999% of them are), it's crystal-clear from looking at the world today that that's not a good idea.

  • There are 52 genders. You can see this in Facebook. Learn to think outside the heteronormative hegemony.

  • Are there 52 genders in any other biological life form? Nope, just the one that thinks it's special. What makes your junk tingle or not is up to you, but the petulant demand that every single conceivable impulse HAS TO have a proper name is just a continuation of the "I'm the super-special center of the universe" mentality.

    Ever notice the gender count jumped when the "child-led parenting" generation hit puberty? I sure did! What a clutch of delusional little princesses.

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