My c*** head

Id love to have a gay mans mouth around my c*** head sucking every last drop of my c** load out. then sucking on my c*** head till i cant stand it any more.

Nov 10, 2020

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  • We had a neighbor boy, he was about 20 or so, and obviously gay.
    One day while talking to him I noticed he had on some baggy legged shorts, and the end of his p**** was sticking out a little bit.
    My wife came out and noticed, she leaned over and whispered about it, I looked down, it was small compared to me and circumcised.
    She giggled, later in bed we talked about it.
    She wondered what it would be like to suck that little thing off, I laughed and told her he would prefer me.
    "So, why don't you, I would like to watch that."
    "Maybe, but if I did, you would owe me one."
    "Like what?"
    "Give me my fantasy." I had mentioned that I would like to see her take on some guy while I watched.
    She smiled and said, "I will if you will!" That got us both turned on, so we had a glorious session, I was telling her how much she would love a big fat one stuffed in her so far her cheeks would puff out, silly stuff like that.
    She said she would prefer that little one our friend had, which I found odd and asked her why.
    She said it reminded her of her boyfriend back in college, he was a bit small but always so hard and his pelvic bone always bumped her c*******, but I was too big so that didn't happen with us.
    So, I asked if he was interested in a threesome, and surprise! He said he liked women sometimes also, I invited him over that night.
    I did my first b******, then in 15 minutes he was right back up and wow did he make her squeal, it was so much fun we now get together almost every weekend and once we went on a week long camping trip.
    He also returned the favor, and my wife picked up some tips watching him, he can nearly get all of me down his throat.
    The kids is also good at giving the ladies oral s**, he says he likes that almost as much as giving head to guy.
    I suppose that is kinky, but what the h***, we are having fun.

  • I love sucking c*** and letting guys c** in my mouth I love to swallow c** when I give oral s** to men in KY

  • All i can say is im all for it .

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