My h**** daughter

I got home from work a couple of weeks ago to find my 12y daughter setting in the living room. She was wearing some skimpy read underwear. I asked what she was doing. She replied by getting up and bint over the chare and shook her but and ask daddy am I sexy. I sat down on the love seat and switch the tv on and look at her and said yes baby u r now get some clothes on. By this point the tv was on and the p*** dvd my daughter had been watching was still playing there was a woman riding a big black d***. My daughter walked over and set down on my lap. After a couple of minutes of watching it she said daddy I'm h****. I replied with me to. she leaned over some and spread her legs some. I slipped my hand in to her underwear and started rubbing her pussycat. soon she was wet. The next seen start on the p*** it was a sun f****** his mom on the kitchen table. She said daddy I would my first time to be like that. I asked on the table like that. She said yes daddy. I replied with baby u r to young for that. I looked down at her seeing her little b**** and her sexy body and her wet spot on her underwear. She was sexy. I pick her up and cared her to the kitchen table and pleased her on it and started eating her pussycat she was loving it soon I was pushing my d*** in her she started crying and tell me don't stop at the same time soon she was coming it was so hot. After she had got off 3 time I was about to c** so I stop to ploe out and she sad no daddy c** in your baby s** toy. So I did we came at the same time. We have had s** several times a day sents that day we just found out she is pregnant now. On the way home from the doctor I parked on a back road and f***** her in the front seat of my car


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  • Ur a sick sad scumbag . hope u get caught

  • Reported

  • Learn how to f****** spell

  • It's that same f****** illiterate Paki again.
    He always spells the same words incorrectly !!!

  • For the love of God!!! The site "restrictions" are clearly posted, and yet this s*** continues to make it through the initial screening processes and then stay up for two weeks . . . ........ and counting!! Why bother to have rules, and make a point of posting them, and then routinely ignore them all??!?!!!?? I think the answer is that the rules are intended to do nothing more than allow the admins and monitors the ability and the excuse to eliminate posts that compete with their own f*****-up fantasies. Because these rules are clearly not being evenly enforced. Oh, these sick-ass s***-brained m************ m**********!!!!!!! Zabra cadoush!!! Lahlie!!

  • Then what are you doing here reading them? Oh yeah you have nothing in your boring life to do but TROLL...

  • This website is run by a church just so you know


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