Big d**** in lockerooms

I don’t know why guys with big penises feel the need to walk around my gym change room naked. And what’s with the judgemental looks I get for having a small c***. We get it you have a big c***, put a towel around you a-hole, who are you trying to impress? It’s all guys in there.

Nov 11, 2020

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  • I love seeing those big d**** in the locker room and the confident guys attached to them. They really take their time showering and drying off. I take it all in, but I have to get my underwear on quick so no one sees me getting hard. This one guy puts his foot up on the bench next to where I’m sitting to dry his leg and that monster d*** is inches from my face. I notice other guys checking them out too

  • That’s fine if you like c*** but for most other guys it’s just big s****** bullying.

  • I love walking around with my little d*** out around the gym. I go over to the big d**** and act all confident like I haven't noticed my little grower isn't in the same league as theirs. Sometimes I let it get jungle hairy so you can only see the tip, other times its 100% smooth.

    They know my gf is soooo hot, bug they don't know is she rides me while I wear a strapon and then sucks me off after. We're both happy.

  • At least you own it I lack confidence in that area. Good on you.

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