Michael Cucco is a pedophile

I'm Michael Cucco and I'm pedophile child molester and I want to expose myself and post my pictures of myself as a pedophile child molester so everyone can see that I'm a child molester please expose me, I can't stop masturbating to pictures of sexy little girls and little boys bare feet especially little boys because little boys make my d*** so f****** hard and I want so much to suck a little boys p**** and fondle their sexy naked little bodies all over, I was molested by my mother starting when I was only two years old and continued throughout my entire childhood and now I can't stop fantasizing about molesting little children and I want everyone to post my pictures of me everywhere over the internet exposing me as a pedophile okay thanks.



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  • I molested toddler girl

  • Fucck you and your pedophilic post A$$HOLE

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