Panties Obsessed

I'm obsessed with panties and they control my life, Whenever I'm talking to someone I also try and steer the conversation onto panties some how with people at home, friends and work colleagues. I even go has far has wearing panties in front of my mirror, swinging my hips back and forth in my panties while watching my man meat grow to 9 inches has I pull on the elastic of my blue cotton panties and make my b**** c**, I even wear panties to work and in the toilet look at them while I jack it. I had an account on e-chat has a girl and chat to other guys about my panties while I Jack my self off to their questions sometimes when they ask if I shave I then tell them I have a h****** and they block me lol does not matter at that point I have fired a huge load from my enormous pecker.

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  • Who cares that you like panties! And being hung like a stud field mouse ain't nothing to brag about.

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