I f***** my 10 yo sister

About 3 weeks ago I gave in I’m 22 and she’s 10 now I always give her baths and stuff And when she’s sleeping I finger her p**** or lick it but this time I already drugged her and it was to late I fingered her with some lube to open her up more and I covered my c*** with lube and at first I was scared so I just jerked off while I put my fingers inside her for a bit then I got to h**** and I just shoved it all inside it was the best feeling ever
It was so warm and tight and watching her p**** open up was so hot I f***** her so good I came in about 10 minutes

About an hour she was still sleeping on drugs so I f***** her again this time doggy style and I fingered her butt hole and it was actually clean so I had to try it out of corse and dam her ass was good to I was just switching from p**** to ass until I came inside her p**** again
That was the best s** I ever had and I feel like I need stronger drugs because I feel like she was awake but couldn’t move but she don’t say anything and the next day I made her fall so it seemed like she was sour from that lol I didn’t push her or anything I just put a toy on the ground I moved back into my own place again about 30 minutes away almost an hour depends but I really want someone to f*** her with me I’ll take her puss and someone take her hole or even her mouth reply with your stuff and I’ll text you also reply with your own experiences ;) I would love to read them



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  • I had s** with my cousin when we were kids, me 14, she 11! I went to relatives' house to visit her, I liked her, she was pretty! but. I didn't use drugs, it was a choice of both of us! In the afternoon after lunch, we went to the shed with the excuse of feeding the goats, we hid in a corner, we kissed them, touched them both, she gave me oral s**, and I licked her little thing! then went to put my thing inside him! it was nice! I came out on his stomach, we had s** for an hour or so! good memory!

  • There is something definitely wrong with your head?

  • Are these posts monitored? They fuc king need to be! All paedos need hanging

  • Reported

  • This is a crime-you should have a girlfriend by now.

  • I don't believe you. A 10 yo old p**** or ass is not f*******. It needs to be opened by inserting at least two fingers .... well lubed.

  • Fock off pedo.

  • Fucck you and your sick pedophilic post A$$HOLE

  • I hope you have a tragic accident this year.

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