S** with the ex

I’m married, but a few years ago my wife and I were working cooperatively with my first wife to raise the children from my first marriage. Because of work schedules, we had a pretty flexible arrangement for where/when/how long the kids stayed at either house. The ex worked a third shift and got off after the kids were already in school, so she would occasionally come after to work to pick up laundry, etc. One of the hard things about the arrangement is that both wives are really hot. The ex was tiny, with small t*** (which I love), a tiny waist and a great ass.

One morning, after my current wife went to work and the kids to school, I woke up thinking about the ex wife. When she showed up to pick up laundry, my c*** was really hard and I was wearing just a robe. When I let the robe fall open, I saw her take a big gulp, so I knew she was turned on. She sat in a chair and i put my d*** up to her mouth but she refused to suck it, so I started kissing her and touching her small t*** softly. I could tell I was breaking her down, but when I put my c*** back in front of her face, she still wouldn’t open her mouth.

I feel bad because I knew she would have s** with me, but I wanted her to feel the humiliation of having my d*** in her mouth. So I unbuttoned her shirt and started sucked her t***, which I knew she really likes. Still wouldn’t suck my d***. So, as I continued to suck her t***, I started fingering her p**** as she writhed around in pleasure. Then I stood back up and presented my swollen c*** to her. She hesitated, but then open her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking it. It was so amazing looking down at her working my shaft.

Then I undressed her and started teasing her p**** with the tip of my d***, which made her o***** almost immediately. I made her beg me to put it in and then started slowly f****** her. Then I made her tell me she loved me as she had a second o*****, which was about all I could take and I emptied my b**** into her p****. After that we had s** numerous times until she remarried.

Nov 15, 2020

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