Furry s**

Last Saturday night I was at a furry s** party. I found this sexy little unicorn and smacked her ass. She grabbed my hand and lead me off to a empt room she sat down on a table. She opened her legs showing a well place hole in the front I could see her p**** in the hole. I got my d*** out and start f****** her. She was tight it felt great. So I was f****** her as hard as I could. I knew I would not last much longer. Thin the pounding I was giving her nocked her head off. To my surprise to see my 22year old daughter looking back at my wolf mask. I knew I was unable to stop so I cried out hayley. Her eyes snapped open and she said daddy. As she said daddy I nutted in her. As I slowed to a stop. She smiled and said I'm full of Daddy's seed. As she slipped her head back on. Soon after that I left and went home. shortly after I had got home there was a nock at my door I opened it to find my daughters standing there naked except the unicorn head she walked in and said daddy I'm still h****. We f***** all night

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