My Step Brother and I have s**

I don’t want to get into the back story of my parents but my bio dad was toxic and i’m happy to have gotten away from him. My step dad is kind caring and the complete opposite. My step brother and dad moved in with our family (my mom and grandma) and at first it kind of started with him staring at me all the time. i would catch him staring and then he would look away. i stopped wearing shorts or skirts that showed my legs because he would always stare at my b***. the first time things started to take a turn was when i was doing the dishes, someone was behind me. I thought it was someone else but i felt hands on my hip and then i felt him push himself against me he had a b****. i didn’t know what to do or what to think. he just left i never told anyone and anytime i’d look at him after he’d do this weird smile at me as if he knew that was stuck in my head. one time when my parents were away shopping he was on the couch and i didn’t have anything to do so i sat there watching tv too. he started asking me questions first normal ones and then it started getting weird like if i was a virgin and if i ever kissed anyone or had a boyfriend. that was the first time i kissed him or anyone. we just kissed and i felt a little disgusted afterwards but i started craving more. i obviously tried to hide this. we would start kissing each other in private and he would touch my b*** and b**** but nothing further than that. the first time we had s** we were home alone again and i remember it was cold rainy that day. i went to his room to ask him to help me hold my christmas lights so i can line it with the wall and tape them and he told me to come by him first and then he would. so i went to his bed and he lifted me and put me on the bed. i lost my virginity to him that day .. he did fix the lights afterwards. ever since then we have s** all the time. sometimes at night he’ll come to my room or i’ll go to his when our parents are sleeping and sometimes when we are home alone. we even showered together once. i feel ashamed knowing he’s my step brother but i can’t help it.

Nov 22, 2020

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