I was to young to understand

I remember when i was 8 walking in my mum's bedroom early and finding my 15yo brother asleep with her and walking back to my bedroom to play, there was so many other times when she would tell me to stay in my room and not to come out till she got me using the excuse she needed to have a chat with my brother,one time i didn't listen and had a look wanting to find what was making those sounds against my bedroom wall and seen my mum on top my brother naked i remember her saying it's ok honey you're brother is feeling unwell and im trying to make better as she was getting me out of her room,I was to young to understand what was really going on i even believed her one time when i found her cleaning herself up she had all this white stuff over her b****** and she told me it was bird poo,they think i don't remember what was really going on.



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  • If two people have s** and one is under age and they are both consenting why not, i was sexually active at 12 ime not saying what i got up to but i had a good teacher and we both enjoyed it

  • There are many mothers and sons who have s**, nothing to worry about

  • MonkaS

  • Fock off pedo's

  • If you're jealous why not ask him to f*** you to.

  • My mom was like yours. After my brother go older, she seduced me and said it was my job to make mommy feel good too.

    I was 15. I'm 45 now.

  • Good for both of you you enjoyed each others bodies, ime jealous

  • Fucck you and you pedophilic incest post A$$HOLE.

  • And f*** you you boring c***

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