Want to watch my girlfriend get f*****

I've been with a girl long-distance for three years now. She lives in the UK and I'm in the US. About two years in, when we had a bit off a fallout, she had s** with her neighbor twice. He's much older, and she liked that.

Since then, I've come out about how much it turned me on, how I want more videos of her being f*****, by him and by a group of guys. It's embarrassing because she's had s** with him more than a few times in the past year given that we can't be together in person.

Nov 23, 2020

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  • I am a female who is away abroad and my husband and two children are at my homeland. Here being alone and h**** I could not resist my co-workers advances and ended having s** with him. He has 10 inch c*** and I love sucking it. Compared to my husband it is a good five inches extra and equally have double thickness. We are having a live in together life here. Daily f***** by a foreign man I now feel not visiting my homeland.

  • I thing better than a c*** that stretches you out.

    Sounds like you have found your mate. No reason to go back

  • I used to think there was something wrong with me, because I had this overwhelming fantasy of watching my wife flashing, doing all sorts of exposures of her body. I got her to allow a few massages by male therapists, and a couple of them exposed her a little bit while they worked but too timid to do more.
    So, I found a fake one, told him the deal and he was up for it. He got her so hot she opened her legs on her own and was gasping for breath. She looked over at me and asked "Can I?" and I just nodded. That guy was in her for at least 20 minutes, amazing. Now I get to watch her with someone at least once a month, she is eager.

  • Sounds amazing.

    I love watching my hubby f*** other women. Especially petite women as he is is 8 inches and rather thick. I love watching him go bald deep and tear them up.

    But I don’t think I could let him watch me with another

  • Perfectly normal. I love watching my hubby pound our neighbor.

    We make love and I love him to death. Been married 25 years. But it makes me sooo hot when I watch him pound our neighbor. I love watching her scream and moan and go b**** deep in her with his 8 inch c***. Which is a sight to see with her petite 5 foot 1 inch frame.

  • Amazing! I’m jealous

  • Where do you live? Maybe my hubby could f*** you hard and I could lick your p****?

  • Would love to share sexting messages with you if keen

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