Your website sucks

I came to this website to check it out...if you are going to review every f****** post and put it up in one day or two then forget it, Im out

I wish you can understand the joy of just posting and seeing it...other websites do it, and they just deal with it... have someone monitor the content thats all

but having to review and wait OMFG you wont get anywhere like that

Nov 27

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  • Guess what???
    Women run this deal
    Never trust a female dog in heat

  • It actually sucks AND blows . I used to enjoy my visits here, but now it's sheer misery. I wish they would go back to their original approach. The currentprocedures are awful.

  • There are a lot of things wrong with how this site is run. But it's the obsessives and bored attention wh0res who cry the loudest to see their repetitive so called "confessions" go up. Which one are you?

  • I can sympathize with management because I know these things require a huge expenditure of time and resources, but generate comparatively little revenue..... except over the verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long term, but as they say, "in the long term, we're all dead".

  • I totally agree with you. Another problem is the inconsistent application or enforcement of the supposed site content restrictions. No one can tell what the real rules are or how they apply, whether as an original submitted post or as a response or reply.

  • I feel that. They haven't let my posts go up for weeks. If you know how to break up somebody's marriage without taking the blame, I'm all ears.

  • That's actually an interesting and worthwhile subject, but I expect your respondents will have trouble getting their candid replies to you, past these ratbastard monitor lizards. Sad as effing bovine feces, but true. Best of luck in getting your love interest out of his or her unfortunate (and probably unsustainable) marital entanglements.

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