F__d up dillema

I have this friend and she asked me for advice. I am her most trusted friend and she thinks i'm good with this kind of stuff because i work in a medical field.
She has a son who is 15 wich is the legal age of consent in my country. Her son is retarted and has autist elements in his behaviour. She worked really hard to get him quite functional (acts like a normal 8-9 yo boy). The kid also has development issues, he is underdeveloped having a body of a 10 yo except for his p**** wich is normal and quite a lot of body hair.
Since last year the boy has a lot of sexual curiosity. He's constantly begging her to let him see her body, asks about s** a lot ,masturbates in public...etc. Because of his problems he can't understand when she asks him to stop and tells him this is not normal. After every rejection he's sad and does not eat for days.
Last week she confessed she would rather have s** with him since probably no one would ever want to and see him happy then cotinuing to struggle with his desire and have him sad.
She is a decent woman but men stay away from her and her problem son and she's single for a while now. She cant leave the house alone and she can't have men at her place because the son is jealous. She does not take into account the ideea of a mental institution. That kid fuc--ed her whole life and she will not let it go to the state....
I did not know what to say to her...
If she has s** with him we dont know how things will develop and how a boy with his problems can handle sexual desire wich can be fulfilled. Second ,this would be illegal - he is of legal age but this is still incest and he is no mental state to consent given his medical record even if he really wants this.
Also there might be a benefit to her as she really craves s** and does not have any for a long time now.

If she does not do it, she must face his constant struggle to see her naked, touch her ,etc.

What should i do?

Nov 29, 2020

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  • Plain and simple, your boy needs help. Like, seriously!

  • Look, let’s not overlook the obvious, the boy mastvrbates in public, if she gives in to his needs he will see her as his secksual outlet, just like he sees mastvrbation as his secksual outlet now. So what if is says “can we fvck when we get home?” In public? She is putting herself at great risk! That being said, I’m a home health nurse, and I have a profoundly mentally disabled teenage patient (17). He began mastvrbating in front of me, and when I told him that he was being inappropriate, he said “mommy said she would do it today, but she said she didn’t because you were coming” I told her what he said, and that I have to report it by law! She broke down crying, and told me about how violent he gets screaming at her to touch him, she held out for months, suffering ever increasing abuse! Finally she broke down and gave her son a HJ. She said it made her so sick to do it but with time she got used to it, and it’s working! better than anything and his behavior has improved dramatically! She begged me not to report her, and I didn’t! I see it as therapy! He really is better, His mood is up, his behavior is amazing. I told her that in the future make sure to do it before ANY nurse or other professional visits, b/c I doubt that any other medical professional would be as understanding as I! So although it sometimes means she does it several times a week, all or his caseworkers have reported a dramatic improvement in his health! I know this may be controversial, but I think we need to consider secksual health, as important as physical health, it REALLY a helps! I have no issues with mom helping her son by having s** with him, if it IS to help him, I don’t care about mom’s desires or need, she can take care of herself!
    *the obvious spelling errors are to avoid censorship! If you can’t figure out what secksual is, or mastvrbation is, then there is no hope for you!*

  • Your friend's son will have a routine that he sticks so maybe she can include s** into his bedtime routine? It would help keep him calm and obviously sleep. One issue maybe if your friends want a vacation/holiday? But perhaps you could step in and cover it she needs to away? Birth control is must, preferably the pill?

  • There are women who are getting paid (you know which kind), and they are specialized for those people. to ease their suffering. since he never had it before, it will be overwhelming, but it will really calm him. I have worked with people like that and i have arranged it before..

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