Freaky or f***** up

Im into a lot if lil things dependin on my mood but mainly i like cnc ( consensual non consent) so basically giving someone permission to rape you whenever n however even when you dont want it

and somnophillia and thats basically someone f****** you while your asleep but i want them to give me sleeping pills without me knowing tie me to the bed do whatever they want, record it, and leave me there to wake up then show me what they did

i also like gun play i want my hand cuffed to the chair n have him make me suck it and hold the gun to my head and call me a w**** and spit on me fuckfuckfuckfuck

like i want bruises i want them to yell at me and hold me down and carve there initials in my thigh i wanna be like an object n be helpless with no choice but to do what im told

yea its f***** nvm lmao

Nov 30, 2020

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  • My type of secret. The pill one is ultimately awesome. I'm an anonymous guy,

  • Omg me too with the sleeping pills. i don’t know why.

  • I think it's just the fact you totally have no control an they can use you however they want to lmao

  • Are you a guy or girl?

  • Girl why

  • If you wanna email me we can find an app or website to roleplay or trade on, I’m 16 btw if you’re interested

  • Everything but the gun part sounds so good to me. Maybe a dull knife against my neck or something

  • I would never criticize someones kinks. but that sounds crazy dangerous to me and I would be nervous about anyone that we agree to do that to you especially the pill one. My wife loves being my w**** and spit on too. just be careful

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