Midnight f***

It's not the first time ive had to wake my son up when he's been watching half naked women,last night i was only wearing knickers when i popped my head around the door and seen he clearly been wanking off and fallen asleep his c*** was still in his hand,I was amazed how big it looked and had to give him a nudge and told him he needed to go to bed,I gave watched incest p*** and was just a little curious to see if he would freak out if i invited him to my bedroom he stopped and asked if i was serious and told him only if he wanted,I got back in to bed took off my underwear as he pulled the covers right back and then kneeled between my legs i looked at his big fat c*** ready to be f***** there was know messing around he rammed it up me what i wanted a good hard f****** the stamina he had wow,it's been a very long time that ive had a good time like that.

Nov 30, 2020

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  • 16 and I wanna f*** my 9 year old sister lollagucci is my wickr send me some fantasy’s

  • Love it. I’m 47 bi male. I fantasize about my 18 daughter

  • The greatest feeling in the world is getting off in Your mother

  • My mother divorced my father on the grounds of cruelty when I was 14 years old. Two months later, she realised that she needed a man up her badly. She came naked to my room as I was undressing for bed. I had an immediate erection. Mum lay on my bed and inviting me to join here. Within minutes, she had me up her and I was ramming her like crazy. That night,
    Mum let me take her no less than five times. Eleven years later, m um and I live like man and wife. Hers is the only pu ssy I've ever fu cked.

  • You are so right!!

  • So hot.

  • I suppose I'm a paedophile mum. I'm a 49-year-old woman whose husband died 8 months ago, and I've been using my 13-year-old son as my husband for 6 months. He loves it, and can't get enough of my demanding love-hole. I use my mouth on him too, and his love juice tastes wonderful. It's much thicker than was that of his father, and he pumps so much of it into my mouth.

  • Its hard to not last after someone who loves you so completely but he's not ur husband you need to realize that and love him for who he is

  • I regularly suck off my 10-year-old son, and have taught him to suck his mummy off too. When he sits down with me on the sofa to watch television, his hand goes straight up my skirt. I've learnt not to wear panties, and his fingers soon find my aching c***. We suck each other off 3 or 4 times an evening.

  • You should teach him to fu ck you. Even at 10 years of age, a boy can fully satisfy a woman's sexual needs if he's taught how. The force of his pubes slamming you love-button will bring you off in next to no time, and you'll feel great when he eventually spunks up you.

  • My 12-year-old son often rams my love-hole when were watching television and his father down the pub getting drunk. Knowing it's incest is an extra thrill. He brings me off every time.

  • I’m a young lesbian. I was first with a much older family member when I was 10. She gave me my first o***** that first time. I’m still in school, and we have s** every night.

  • My son's the same age. As well as sucking him off, I let him fu ck me. He pumps like crazy when he's in me, and always cries out when he spunks off inside me.

  • Nothing turns a mother on moire than having her son spunking up her.

  • Best feeling in the world is getting off in your mother.

  • I totally agree. Mum let me for the first time when I was 13 and she walked in on me rubbing myself. I'm 19 now, and Mum is like a wife to me. However, anyone who has never been fortunate enough to have a sexual relationship with his mother and actually spunked off up her won't fully understand the feeling I get.

  • Fantasyland.

  • I wanna trade places with him.

  • I wanna live in your house

  • Mmm enjoy it hun, my son and I have been together for almost 2 years now and the s** is incredible. His c*** is the most beautiful ive even seen and once I see him naked and hard and ready for me im on my knees :)

  • Are you even a woman? Don't think so.

  • Good for you I sometimes feel like incestuous relationships are the only truly loving relationships

  • Good for you! Enjoy

  • Lovely

  • Hot

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