My brother is f****** my friends

Hi my name is carly I'm 14. A few weeks ago I had my best friend Sam over to stay the night. After we had went to bed sam got up to go to the bathroom. A few minutes late I could hear sam and my big brother talking. Thin I herd her cry out in pane. So I got up to see what happened. By the time I got to his door way she was moning. I looked in his door and seen sam on her back naked he was on top of her. He was f****** her hard. He had a pillow over her head to quiet her. He seen me watching and held up his mind finger and thin pointed at me. Thin he started f*** her even harder while staring at me. It mad me so wet watching. Sam squatted 3 times before he came in side of her. As soon as they had finished I went to the bathroom so she wouldn't know I was watching. On the way back I passed sam she was on the way to the bathroom she was still trying to get her breath. My big brother called me in to his room. He pin me to the wall thin kiss me open mouth I could feel his fingers in my p****. Thin we hurd the bathroom door open. He wispered in my ear if I bring him 20 of my friends to f*** he would give me my crem pie thin he wiped his c** and sam's blood and p**** jude from his d*** on my dress. Thin he wispered in my ear 19 to go. I have been having my friends over every night. And he has f***** everyone of them. I have watched every time and one night I sucked on becky's brest as my brother f***** her. To night was the last one but I was having trouble finding a different friend for my brother to f***. At the last minute me and Becky was able to talk he little sister in to spending the night with me she had just had a birthday and was 11 now. My brother f***** her In bed next to me she seamed to love it the f***** a long time before he came in her after he told me to eat her pussycat out so I did I love the taste of it. Thin he told me tomorrow night don't invite anyone else over and I will be next. I can't wait for it

Nov 30, 2020

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  • Give up posting your illiterate s*** you stupid paki.c***.
    You the game away every f****** time by always misspelling the same words !!!

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