So h****

I’m so h**** man like I really need to f*** I kinda wanna f*** my 9 year old sisters p**** like I took a few pics of her before and now I really wanna try her unless someone’s down to f*** her with me ?



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  • God i wish dude would sound hella fun ! Ive had simular thoughts about my 9 yo niece as well

  • I would love to see the pictures you took of her bet she is super cute would you send me some of her used panties? I would be down to play with her its a fantasy of mine. If you want to go in on her I would pick up some melatonin extra strength and slip her 3or4 tabs 1 hour before her bed time just give her coolaid or something afterwards go into her room and her a hard shake to make sure she is in deep sleep. After confirming she is now you're s** doll to use and abuse starting slow eat her while fingerings her virgin t*** use you're pinky finger to start don't want to rip her not yet at least its to get her her lil p**** use to feeling something penetrate her walls after a while switch fingers getting her lil puss to stretch a lil more for you she should naturally do this so you don't have to force her and possibly wake her from some pain as she starts to accepts more you have to decide if you only rub you're c*** on her lil p**** as you j******* busting a fat one on her lil muffin fingerings some inside her leave the rest on her to dry when she wakes up she will feel herself crunchy and think she did it or f*** her lil puss slowly breaking her hymen go slow don't force yourself into her but remember she will wake up with a swollen hurting puss and might ask mom why it hurts but most likely I don't think she will unless you f*** her hard she somehow and not wake her she will be really swollen, sore and bleeding just remember she will walk a lil different the next day mom may notice and ask questions.

  • Hey I’m the guy who wrote this text my wickr lollagucci or email me I’ll send pixs and vids if you help

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