So h****

I’m h**** and I kinda wanna rape my little sisters tight p**** she showed me one time but I didn’t do it say anything and now I was she showed me right now so I can pull her closer and just shove my c*** inside

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  • Open her up eat her then take advantage of her slit spreding her legs open take your c*** and rub it up and down her little slit making her think you are just feeling playing around with her when you feel her virgin tight hole on your c*** head just go for it push it inside her if she starts screaming or crying hold your hand over her mouth tell her you want this you love her how she feels as you streach her make out with her get her calm comfortable as you start to tear past her hymen make sure to f*** her good as long as you can make her love it as much as you are dont nut inside her pull out make her open her mouth and swollow her first load or you will have to just c** inside her p**** make her pregnant trust me she will open her mouth and swollow she doesn't know any better and she definitely dont want to "Get Pregnant" make her swollow!

  • This is so hot wanna chat on wickr lollagucci I’m the person who posted this and my sister still gets me super h****

  • Definitely take her on her bed and split her open id lick on her virgin p**** first tho make sure to take pictures or a video of her getting her first c*** share them with us

  • Why haven't you done it yet then and showed us pictures and I want to see you right now we both do it

  • This is so hot rape her p**** then knock her out and make her go missing but hide her and let guys rape her and f*** her face ass and puss

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