35 year old sexy step daughter

Awhile back my step daughter move in with us almost everyday she would come in kitchen and have coffe with me always wearing tshirt and no bra her nipples were always hard I always got hard watching here walk around like that t*** bouncing and hard nipples. Many times when doing things around the house when her mother was gone she would bend over in front of me with low cut shirts and I would get a real good look at her t*** they were amazing drive me nuts and I would go down stairs and j*******. She always paid alot of attention to me which I loved hugging me calling me daddy rubbing up against me I was going crazy. Found d her panties laying g on washer several times god she smelled WONDERFUL!!! She would text me things say things smile at we when she was getting ready to go somewhere and ask if there was anything she could do for me before she left I would look at here and smile she'd smile back and say now dad. One evening she fell asleep in the chair while we were waiting for her mom to come home she was wearing very low cut top I kept looking at her sleeping and noticed her top was pulled down I got up and walked over to take a look and one t** was completely exposed. I instantly got very hard I pulled my c*** out and started J********** in just a couple minutes I was c****** all over her exposed titty and her top some on her cheek damn. I set back down and waited she woke up and walked upstairs came back down looked at me and smiled c** still on her shirt and her cheek she kiss me on cheek and said good night daddy thank you and went to bed. A few days later I was laying on the bed didn't feel well she came down to see how I was and talk a minute ask if there was anything she could do and of course I just smiled she sat next to me put hand on my leg and said I'll make you feel better moved her hand up and started rubbing my c*** unzipped my pants and tool it out and started Jacking me off she said I want you to c** for me. In just a couple minutes I exploded all over her hand shirt and leg she asked did that help you I told her yes she said good maybe next time I didn't feel well she would make me feel real good if not before our secret right I said my lips are sealed since then she has sucked and f***** me several times each time better than the last I'm 30 years older than her this started a year ago she never goes out with anybody I asked why and she said I get what I want at home and dont need any one else I'm 9.5 inches and she has never had anything over 5 inches before me her mother and I separated awhile back because she thought something was going on between us and asked me to leave was never caught but her daughter told some things to her girl friends and that got her thinking havnt seen her since I really miss her p**** was super tight just like her mama. Hoping one day everything will change and I'll have them both if I love long enough.

Dec 7, 2020

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