How do I give a b*******?

I know this might sound fake but I'm asking for actual advice please I need help. I'm 13 and my boyfriend is 14 I think I really love him. We've been cuddling a lot and sometimes I feel that he has a b**** when we're spooning. I get turned on and I think I'm ready to give him a b******* soon but I don't know how. I'm really nervous that I'll mess it up and he'll hate me and I've never even seen an actual d*** before so it scares me a little. He said he's okay with me giving him a bj as long as I'm okay with it and I said yes. We're meeting up in January I'm so nervous. Please don't be creepy, but I need advice for how to give a bj for the first time. Thank you to anyone who responds :)

Dec 7, 2020

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  • Are you from medway?

  • Weirdly inappropriate question!

  • IF you truly are 13 and not a troll, then strangers online is pretty much the worst place you could possibly go for sexual advice. It's almost exclusively h**** idiots who, in the heat of their horniness, will advice you to do whatever is in their fantasies, rather than what would actually be best for you.

    If this is what you're secretly looking for (hearing strangers' hot fantasies), then fine. I don't judge. Have fun.
    But if you truly want genuine advice, there's a profession where I live (Sweden) where educated people work in schools, youth centers, hotlines, etc, and their job is to give advice regarding safe and pleasurable s** to teenagers. I have an acquaintance with a degree in sexology who does this for a living. If you're truly looking for genuine advice, I could help you get in touch with them. They'd be happy to help you out, as giving advice to inexperienced teens is what they're trained to do.

  • You sound like like a paedo! F*** off

  • DO NOT contact that person! Noone on this planet is giving pleasure advice to a 13yr old! This is a trick to lure you in! S** trafficking is absolutely rife at the moment. Please do not contact them! Wait until you are legally old enough to make those decisions and dont cone back on this site, its FULL of perverts preying on kids.
    Please go speak to your mum, family member or a trusted adult, not weirdos on here! Please, please get off here n take care

  • You should really educate yourself on the educational system and youth centers of Scandinavia. They are lightyears more advanced and evolved than in North America or The British Isles for instance.

    There, s** ed isn't based on trying to scare kids into abstinence. It doesn't just focus on STDs, condoms, and all the risks of s**, but also on the numerous alternatives of female contraceptives, the important differences between p*** and real s**, sexual gender equality, expectations, pleasure, mental maturity, how to deal with unexpected pregnancies, etc. The teachers who teach s** ed there are educated specifically for it (and thus far more knowledgeable than their North American and British counterparts), and the staff at their youth centers is made up exclusively of actual doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and sexologists, all with university diplomas in their respective fields. The only exceptions are receptionists and cleaning staff.


    The legal age of consent is as low as 15 in Denmark and Sweden (16 in Norway), and they're aware that most kids become sexually active even sooner than that, so they've really invested in ensuring they do it as safely and responsibly as possible instead of just talking about all the risks, and it's really paid off.


    I completely agree with you that OP should turn to a trusted adult first, and your right about s** trafficking being rife (not just at the moment), and about pervs on this site.


    1. Not everyone has an adult in their life with whom they feel comfortable talking about s**, which is partially why most teens are critically uninformed and make ill-adviced mistakes (some of which they end up paying for for the rest of their lives).

    2. Your statement that "Noone on this planet is giving pleasure advice to a 13yr old" is simply untrue, and your accusations that the person above is some pedophile trying to lure OP into s** trafficking is most likely not true either.

  • Thank you that would be so helpful!

  • Then I'd need a way of contacting you. What's your email?

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