What does c** taste like? Is it gross?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • It depends on the person and what they eat.

    the normal taste is kind of salty and bitter.
    if you eat lots of fruit then it will taste sweet.

    pineapple helps the most

  • It tastes sooooo bad, like chlorine and s*** mixed together. Maybe my ex was a bad example. I only had one guy in my life and I swear I will never have another. I swallowed some accidentally and I threw up immediately, like I couldn't stop myself. The moment it went down my throat, my stomach contents came up immediately. Embarrassing and gross.

    I myself smell and taste pretty okay, but one time he came inside me and I didn't manage to clean properly. Couple of hours later his c** started dripping out of me and the smell just about killed me (imagine the smell of chlorine, s*** and rotting meat), I thought I had some infection. But after washing up, the smell went away. Oh God. I'm so glad the relationship was over. I had s** with him for 3 years and it was painful and I never came once. And he had a really small d***, so imagine how bad it was that it was actually painful.

    He told me I was lousy in bed. If only he knew.


  • its actually quite nutrious for you
    and depending on the guy can pack a punch ;)

  • I tried it. Its pretty gross and hard to swallow but very kinky.

  • It's not horrible. Definitely an aquired taste. I actually find myself to enjoy it.

  • its kinda salty....and its not the best taste in the world....lol.

  • S**** is not gross... But it does depend on what the guy eats and whether he drinks and/or smokes....
    I've tasted my own s**** at times and mine does not taste bad at all (kinda sweet) - my wife says this too...
    As for the taste of women, also that depends on what she eats/drinks/smokes.. I find that smokers taste the worst..
    But that also applies to kissing.. Kissing a girl/woman who smokes is almost like licking an ashtray (never done that though)....
    As for tasting/swallowing a guy.. For the guy is it a confirmationi of love/l***.. It does not look nice if you take it in your mouth and spit it out... And let's face it, its usually only about a teaspoon of juice...
    How would you find it if a man is eating you and his face is telling you that you taste b ad?
    Just enjoy it... It might be an acquired taste, but one can get used to it....
    YOu can always discuss with your man if it's important to him that you swallow or not..
    Maybe you can snowball your man (kiss him with his s**** in your mouth)? Then he'll know what he's missing and you're doing for him....
    Have fun...

  • it's the same for women. she will taste different depending on what she eats.

  • It isn't really pleasant. Guys can change the bitterness if they want to. Its mostly related to a good diet. I've heard that a guy on vitamins will have horrid smelling and tasting s****. If you eat plenty of fruits it sweetens up the flavor a bit. I can't even think of a dish that is close to the taste. Except for that cheap tandoori powdered mix you can find in some stores. That might be close I think.

    Its also a flavor that doesn't seem to go away quickly. Its alkaline on purpose to battle the acidity of the v*****. I think its because a reaction of the s**** is to gel up. It quickly gets lumpy and blobish for a few minutes while it fights the pH levels, then goes watery. That glob stage is when it sticks really good to the corners of your mouth and is hard to totally spit or swallow it all.

  • Ask your mom.

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