Straight blackmailed into gay ** when I was 18.

In the Fall of 1997 was my first semester freshman year. I was an straight 18yo 230lb 6'2 and had only picked this University because of it's lacrosse team. I didn't get a scholarship but was still excited about playing in a high division.

One of the classes I took was taught by a TA, Brain (not real name). Brain was 26yo grad student probably 5'8ish and chubby. Classic nerdy guy that, very nice and highly intelligent. He would always give extra help if anyone needed it. We actually only saw the real professor maybe once a month.

During mid terms Brain caught me red handed cheating. There was no plausible deniability. After class he told me I could be expelled. I told him I was sorry and pleaded with him. He told me we should stop talking about this in the classroom because if anyone overheard it he would have no choice but to go the Professor then the dean. I agreed to meet him in his apartment off campus.

When I got there he started just asking me questions about the class to see how much I knew. He kept telling me you knew this you didn't have to cheat. I felt like I really disappointed him. Then all of a sudden his mood changed.

He told me how he was risking his whole career. Then ordered me to get naked. I thought he was kidding. He said it in a more strict voice and what the consequences could be. I took of everything while he watched. He had me stand at attention while he closely inspected my whole body and ask me about my sexual history. He showed me that his last HIV test was negative. This is 1997 back in dial-up. I didn't know any gay people. The only one TV was Padro on The Real World. He promised me it was going to be a onetime thing(which was a lie). I lied facedown in bed while he rubbed lubes in my **. I could feel his flab all over me as he tried to work his ** in. It was very awkward and took multiple repositionings. It hurt at first but got easier to take the more he went. I literally bit a pillow the whole time. Finally after what seemed like hours but was only 45min he cummed inside me. He laid there cuddling with me until he finally let me go.

Later that week he asked me to meet him after class. It was a Friday and the professor was gone so we used his office. He basically said he changed his mind and was going to need more from me. Brain told me that he might go down but I'd be expelled and labeled as a ** if I told. He moved me into the private bathroom off the office probably because it was more sound proof and had me get on my knee. I tried to ** him off but I was really bad at in so he had me lean over the sink and ** me with hand soap and water as a lube. It stung so bad.

After that we'd meet up at least twice a week. Sometimes he would have me take ** because I wasn't getting hard. Seemed like everytime got worse. I wasn't even going to that class.

The weekend before finales he had me come over. He hand cuffed me to the bed and took all my clothes and wallet (didn't have a cell phone back then) and locked it in the trunk of this car that was parked on the street. From that Friday night until Monday morning I was his complete slave. He had me wear a dog collar. Crawl unless told otherwise. I just sucked and got ** over and over. He knew Christmas break was coming so he was trying to get his fill I guess. He definitely talked to me like I was his Boyfriend. He told me he noticed that I didn't sign up for any of his classes. Brain told me he would sign off so I could get in late (students needed permission from instructor if it went into over flow). He said there where 3 classes I could take and I wouldn't even have to go to class. Also Brain would rent me an apartment in his building. I told him I needed to think about it.

The next semester I transferred half way around the country to a small college and didn't tell anyone from my old university. I had started the transfer a month earlier, when I didn't see anyother way out. Even switched sports from lacrosse to rugby because I knew the only way he could find me would be checking rosters of different colleges around the country. This is before social media or even a reliable search engine. Told my parents it was just too big of a school and I felt lost. Brain ended up giving me an A, I guess an A+ might have attracted attention.

Now I'm still straight. Never had another experience with a man, really never even thought about it. I'm a Married, father in my early 40s. I've never told anyone this story, just successfully repressed it for over 20 years. I really wouldn't have thought about it but two weeks ago I got a friend request from Brain on LinkedIn

Next Confession

Ladies **

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  • This sad but lucky you are still straight

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